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  1. Moderators also revealed true ids of hubbers to their buddies
  2. Often races are?organised by more than one club and each club will help with marshalls, raising capital?etc, but it is odd that a cycling race costs R100.00 upwards,?where as a running race may cost R60.00?odd and you get a T-Shirt, Medal and all the same refreshments,............ actually there are usually more water tables at a running race as we dont carry our own. ? ? Running race = 2000+ entries. Big sponsors supplying the t shirts. Coke sponsored. The question is do you want to race or do you enter races to get freebie t shirts, coke goodie bags etc.
  3. Running is a total different sport. Runners move along at a snails pace compared to cyclists and is therefore easier to stop at an intersection if needed. I want to see anyone safely stopping a cycling bunch of 150 riders travelling along at 50 km/h. It is also a definite fact that the provincial traffic authority in Gauteng North has a dislike in cycling.
  4. All the aspects of having a race. Problem 1 = timing cost. To rent the equipment costs R 6500. If you are lucky R 5000 of this amount will be sponsored by the timing company. Timing per entrant amounts to R9. Organisers have to pay for a minimum of 300 riders. That means if only 150 riders enter the event and you receive the R5 000 sponsorship the costs will be as follows: TIMING EQUIPMENT HIRE R 6500 SPONSORSHIP - R 5000 300 X R9 R 2700 BALANCE R 4200 BALANCE / 150 ENTRIES R 28 PER ENTRY FOR TIMING ALONE Now start adding the rest of the costs. R 10 a medal etc. Makes you think
  5. What is it that cyclists require. I think that cyclists killed cycling in Gauteng North by not supporting local races due to the cost to enter races. Cyclists in Pretoria were very spoilt in the past. They expect classic type of events for R 40. Families of 5 expected to enter a race for R 120 for all of them. Due to high organising costs organisers were not prepared to pay in to have races which are not supported. Everybody is sick of racing at Rooiwal. Where else is suitable venues. We are so spoilt thet we are not prepared to travel to say Klipdrif for a race. Cyclists boycotted races.
  6. Did Jan not also dope. Maybe the guy finishing last was the only clean rider and gets the win.
  7. Do not worry fatty it will eventually go away. That is the bike and everything cycling related.
  8. Cervelo Kan ons nie ook old iewers in daai signature sit nie
  9. Nie dieselfde nie. Baie minder persoonlikheid.
  10. What is the name of the lodge
  11. By the look on the riders face it is very hard to pedal.
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