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  1. Not sure I'm following your reasoning now.. As long as they love the sport and what they do, why not? Would you say the same about Greg Minnaar? Should he have rather tried other sports instead of biking and motoX only from a young age? Perhaps he would've been a good teacher (more useful), instead of a good sportstar?
  2. I'm sure they don't mind today though... 20 grand slams each, 3 best players ever, all the cash they could ever want.. All 3 have indicated they love the sport, unlike Agassi
  3. I fully agree. I was merely pointing out that the 3 best ever tennis players did indeed start at a very young age..
  4. Not to flog a dead horse here or argue for the sake of arguing, but tennis is definitely one of the sports where early specialization is beneficial. Yes they may have played other sports as well, but the point is they started playing tennis at a young age and focused mostly on that. Let's look at the big 3 (source wiki) Federer Federer also credits his hand-eye coordination to the wide range of sports he played as a child, including badminton and basketball. Federer played his first junior match in 1996 at the age of 14 at a grade 2 tournament in Switzerland. Djokovic As a young child, Djokovic was given a mini-racket and a soft foam ball, by his parents, which his father claimed, became "the most beloved toy in his life". Djokovic began playing tennis at the age of four,[19] when his parents sent him to a tennis camp in Novi Sad,[18] as his parents had not played any tennis in the past.[20] In the summer of 1993, before attending primary school, the six-year-old was sent to a tennis camp organized by the Teniski Klub Partizan[20] and overseen by Yugoslav tennis player Jelena Genčić,[21] at Mount Kopaonik, where Djokovic's parents ran a fast-food parlour[22] and a sports equipment business.[18] Upon seeing the child Djokovic playing tennis, she stated: "This is the greatest talent I have seen since Monica Seles. Nadal Recognizing in Rafael a natural talent, another uncle, Toni Nadal, a tennis coach, introduced him to the game when he was three years old.[9] At age 8, Nadal won an under-12 regional tennis championship at a time when he was also a promising football player.[10] This made Toni Nadal intensify training, and it was at that time that his uncle encouraged Nadal to play left-handed for a natural advantage on the tennis court, after studying Nadal's then two-handed forehand stroke.[10] At age 12, Nadal won the Spanish and European tennis titles in his age group, while also playing football.[10] Nadal's father made him choose between football and tennis so that his schoolwork would not deteriorate entirely. Nadal said: "I chose tennis. Football had to stop straight away."[10]
  5. I believe the same happens with sports like tennis, and probably golf too. Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Ash Barty, they all started playing as soon as they could lift a tennis racket.
  6. Coming back to this debate.. Without having the exact stats in front of me, I'd guess that Greg has been competing for much longer than Nino? So one could argue that Nino achieved more in a shorter space of time. Also, he went a full season unbeaten, no? He has stiff competition from MVDP , Pidcock and others, but I'm pretty sure he'll surpass Absalon's record at some stage. Anyways, I agree this is comparing apples with pears. Both great champions in their respective disciplines.
  7. Where to buy online though? Buycycle has nothing.. CWC cheapest is R350 for a set https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-mtb-optislik-shift-cable-set Evo bikes R150 for one https://www.evobikes.co.za/product/49952f1483d01798dd8daa1c4c4a5af3/
  8. +1 for having issues with a SLX clutch. Gave me sh*t right from the start. Gear shifting has always been clunky and difficult going up. Took it back to my LBS for a clean and a lube, it simply carried on with its nonsense. I'm now considering doing the clean and lube myself (with the help of youtube), before I toss the POS
  9. Dunno if I missed it, but in what condition is your bike? Did the perps and CC at least look after it?
  10. Wow, I'm also in the "I received only stellar service" corner. When they were still busy building my bike, one of the guys gave me his own bike to try out on the Howick trails. Aren't Phil Buys and co already riding the Mobu's? So how can they still be 2 years away from being ready?
  11. For another Fenix 3 or a newer model?
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