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  1. The Drillpro branded jigs and squares on Banggood seem to the most popular and receive good reviews. There are even youtube reviews for some of the Drillpro branded items.
  2. Sorry to hear, I think you can get Freud router bits in South Africa, pricey but might be worth it if their saw blades is anything to go by.
  3. You could experiment with 3d printing one in the meantime while you wait for the part. Just up the wall count in Cura and it should hold up.
  4. I thought to just ask here rather than starting a new thread. If any hubbers are living in PMB could you please PM me, thank you.
  5. Looking at paints, how will the Duram DTM (Direct to Metal) hold up vs using a primer and something like Hammerite? As usual everything is done to a budget so trying to keep the price as low as possible.
  6. I also find that Rustoleum is not that much more expensive considering how much better the paint covers and how much longer you can spray with a can when compared to cheaper spray cans.
  7. Thanks, will look into it when shopping for paint.
  8. Thanks Stef, I will look into self etching primer Is there any brand primer and paint that you would recommend, I will be spraying with a compressor setup so looking for something that sprays well.
  9. Thanks Hairy, I am already subscribed to his channel. the frame I have is stamped steel so looking for a DIY approach.
  10. I recently bought an old table saw, I believe it is a Delta saw. The plate on the motor states 1983 and there is no other information about the saw on it. I painted it light grey, I don't like the black frame it currently has, but the paint doesn't seem to adhere to the black paint. In fairness I just lightly sanded it. My question now is what would be the best way forward? I guess I should use paint stripper to get all the loose paint off as well as anything else that comes off. Should the frame be cleaned completely to bare metal? To paint it again what would the process be? I guess primer first and then top coat? What paints and procedures do you recommend? I prefer to spray it so any paint recommendations that spray well will be beneficial.
  11. Thanks I also considered the whole pipe clamp idea to prevent it from splitting further.
  12. I have a centrifugal switch from a table saw that has cracked and is now spinning on the shaft. They seem to be hard to come by, is this something that I can fix with Pratley's steel, will it stick to the switch? It seems to be from cast brass or something.
  13. Thanks, was curious on what your process is. I currently use it basically as a french press, I find it quicker than using the filter coffee machine when only making for myself. I also have the metal filter which I prefer apart from having to clean it.
  14. What is your process on using the Aeropress?
  15. Are any of you guys still using the Ryder Force saddles? I purchased one yesterday and will see how it goes.
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