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  1. Anyone know what happened to Eli Iserbyt?
  2. Asked the same question a few weeks ago. Anyone doing Boston marathon on Monday?
  3. I have no idea of the product offerings at Decathlon in SA (vs Europe). Headlamps wise I couldn’t say but they might have options for lighting to be visible to motorists etc.
  4. I saw they’ve handed out quite a few pairs at some running clubs. Would be interested to hear the reviews so far
  5. Anyone run in the Forge V1 from New SA brand Pivot and Run? https://pivotandrun.co.za/
  6. Not sure about compatibility. But what about trying a different brand entirely? I have the HydraPak flasks which seem decent so far.
  7. I do agree. There are a few questions that need to be asked before. Rather than just providing a plan straight away. I have found someone who has helped many others with plans to help them out.
  8. A friend asked me this question. Does anyone have or can point me in the direction of a 21km training plan for someone running around a 1h50 half? I guess around 10 weeks plan
  9. Does anyone recall how another French cyclist, Julie Bresset, also dominated the scene for a few years from around 2010? Won 4 World Cups, XC world champ in 2012 and 13, on the podium at every World Cup in 2012. Olympic champ in 2012. All of this also around the age of 23.
  10. If they remove helmets police suspend the chase for ‘safety reasons’ don’t they?????
  11. Where in Europe are you heading to? It’s quite a big place????
  12. Not necessarily. But it does start to matter if the likelihood of success is minimal from the outset and it’s taxpayer money being spent. I am of course not suggesting failure is a possibility and I’m sure a proper assessment has been done. But if one looks at the other big city marathons around the world who are not even trying to become a major and with the only other candidate event being Chengdu marathon (after Singapore marathons withdrawal) it makes one wonder. Cape Town is a Gold Label marathon which puts it against many other great city marathons already. Who would be paying? I imagine the organisers and ultimately the race sponsors - Sanlam, a few others, the City of Cape Cape and Western Cape government (ie the taxpayer)?? Maybe someone here has better knowledge of the process involved.
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