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  1. I managed to find some cheap cantilever brakes for project I'm busy with. (Flat Bar Hybrid to Drop bars for some off road/gravel touring) Had v-brakes on originally, been a struggle to find canti's, but this is why i like supporting small LBS's. They tend to have some of the old technology unlinke the big cycle stores. 😁 They nothing fancy like shimano/Avid/Tektro but will do for now. The project can now commence. I managed to also get the front cable stop. I now need a rear stop, similar to this that hangs from the seatpost clamp. Is there a way to make one at home? what solutions exist?
  2. https://www.cashcrusaders.co.za/new-goods/beyer-floor-pump/stockcode8778 I bought this one at Cash Crusaders like 2 years back I think....It works...it puts air in the wheels, what more can I ask for? Road bike, mtb even setup tubeless with some hard fast pumping πŸ˜‰ I think I rather splurge on a good portable pump. It will suck to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, punctured and with a useless pump. Rather be prepared on trail/road, assuming that nobody would be able to help you. Some trails you only see people at the start, after 5kms in you are on your own never to see another rider again & you better be prepared for the worst. At home, If the floor pump fails, you always got your nearest Filling station to take your wheel(s). hehe.
  3. Ended up powder coating the frame. The hybrid to gravel bike project can commence.....
  4. Can you not apply a clear coat to the bare aluminum afterwards to prevent having to continuously clean up fingerprints etc. ?
  5. Hi All Quick question with regards to SRAM TT shifters. Right shifter is 10 speed index and left shifter is friction. With the left shifter, since it is friction, can it be used with any front derailleur and would it be possible to use a 8 speed FD within a 10 speed set up?
  6. Thanks for the input all. I don't mind the extra elbow grease to get the desired finish. I guess its the joints that are annoying me now because it seems impossible to remove the paint in those spots. I used paint remover as much as I can and done some sanding. So quite literally its at all the joints where there is paint.
  7. Hi. where did you get this done? any contacts?
  8. Good Morning Folks I trust that you are all well. Looking for some advice on removing paint from an alloy frame. I've removed like over 90% of it. I'm at the point where I'm not getting any joy at removing the paint at all the weld joints. What's the best way to remove the paint in these tight spots? Does it need to be stripped of ALL paint? I'm considering anodizing the frame. Not sure where yet. Thanks!
  9. Easier to buy new components and claim you had it lying around than buying a new shiny bike. Even though the groupset alone was more than 15k. lol
  10. As a colored man this makes me happy. Growing up i was told cycling is a white persons sport / recreational activity....just stuck to playing football. πŸ˜†This exposure to the sport is needed. Amongst those boys could be a World Cup winner. I believed a lie...the lie must not be passed down from generation to generation. Awesome clip! Maybe one day my son can buy his own 50k bike without getting negative frowns from the family...."50k for a bicycle, are you mad?!" πŸ€―πŸ˜…
  11. Parts for my hybrid bike conversion. Planning to go the drop bar route and create a gravel/touring rig. Finally found suitable levers for the long pull v-brakes....Just to find the bar end shifters. Looks like CRC will be the only way. Also a casual browse through Cash Converters and found a new 8 speed chain for R99 bucks. Weird item to find in Cash Converters. πŸ˜‚
  12. Some DIY repairs. The blue handle threaded rod stripped so was unable to clamp the frame. Builders Warehouse fix. 60 bucks for a meter of rod and some nuts & wing nuts, along with washers got it working again. Even got spare cuts of rod cause had to buy a meter of rod. I'm sure the OEM would have charged an arm and leg for a new clamp. πŸ˜‚ ParkTool stand will come one day when I'm big, for now this will do. πŸ™‚
  13. I used to have the 1x10 setup. Shifted well. It just worked. I would buy the components for a budget build. Gave no issues.
  14. Satori Suspension seatpost - I like it. Looks like a dropper post and I think it works quite well for the small bumps. Paid like R500 bucks for this thing. You get normal alloy posts that cost as much as this, so I figured it's worth trying out.
  15. Hi Guys Looking for some advice. I want to get into bikepacking / touring. I got a hardtail MTB and have been thinking of getting the Momsen Steel STF frame and importing my parts over. (This seems to be a cheaper solution) The other option I'm looking at is getting a drop bar gravel bike, In this regard been looking at Farr Out frame kit. I really like it. Also been looking at like a Momsen GP300 or a Merida Silex if I can find one nowadays. Building up the Farr frame will be more costly due to getting a gravel groupset. What I'm wondering to myself is, for spending long days in the saddle on SA gravel roads do I need a thinner tyre gravel bike or do I need a thicker tyre mtb? I lean to the Farr frame at the moment. Was even thinking of possibly running it as a flat bar initially to keep costs down. What do you guys think is the best setup for my intended purpose?
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