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  1. Yeah, at the speeds these guys do 0.1s is usually about 1m at the finish line so 300mm sounds about right for that time gap.
  2. The 2 vs 4 pot doesn't matter either. As far as I am aware the Shimano 2 and 4 pot calipers use the same levers (at least Deore, SLX and XT do, not sure about Saint).
  3. Did my first 30 minute ride 32 days after the first symptoms but then I struggled, only managed 1 - 2 short, easy rides a week because at some point during most rides my heart rate would just shoot up for no reason and I'd stop the ride and take a few days off before trying again. Managed to start doing more consistent training about about 3-4 weeks after that and only got back to full training about a month after that (which was only a few weeks ago). Fitness and FTP are still way down on where I was before I caught the bug.
  4. Issue is that the vaccine does not appear to significantly inhibit transmission of COVID but rather prevents serious illness. (e.g. Israel has one of the highest vaccination rates but in the last few weeks also had one of the highest per-capita infection rates as well).
  5. Apparently Morris made himself unavailable for selection 🤷‍♂️
  6. What about all the "flying objects" that never made it out of prototype stage? XB-70 Valkyrie comes to mind. Only 2 built, both had serious in flight incidents with 1 crashing and killing all aboard. 50% f**ked rate. Edit: I see the crash only killed 2 of 3 crew members.
  7. I'm pretty sure you have to use ERG mode to do a ramp test properly...
  8. Thanks for the responses all. Looks like I should go for a compressor and a HVLP or LVLP spray gun... at some point in the future when I have money again.
  9. Wine rack build complete 😀 Now to try and fill it. Also, for future reference, trying to stain it using a paintbrush after assembly was a nightmare. Need to get a compressor and spray gun or find some better method. Any recommendations?
  10. Yeah, I'm in Joburg. I'm told its a lovebird 🤷‍♂️ We have about 6 of them that frequent our garden.
  11. Just getting in to the woodworking thing. Some wine racks and a bird feeder so far. All out of pallet wood with a touch of ply here and there.
  12. Aussie oke just ate track after his handlebars failed 🤯 Thankfully he looks ok
  13. You calculated it yourself. The item cost R1,000 and the VAT was R205.50 therefore a 20.55% effective VAT rate on the purchase price.
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