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  1. Problem is that buying the sports rights and having the presenters, pundits, talk shows etc. makes up a massive proportion of their cost base so a "Sports Only" package would be like 80-85% of the cost of the premium package.
  2. My only gripe with it was that it was not as good as Ragnarok. Not even close.
  3. Depends on which DHL service they use. DHL Express is a courier to your door. DHL and DHL Paket are via the Post Office.
  4. Maybe he got a steak from the same place as Contador?
  5. Another thing to consider is that a lot of the bigger ones (like 25l/min and up) need a power point for the igniter so they won't work when there's load shedding unless you have a backup power system of some sort. As Frosty said, a changeover manifold and two gas bottles is not necessary but it's 100% the way to go. Nothing worse than running out of gas mid shower and not having another bottle you can switch to to finish. I've got two geysers. A 16l/min Ariston geyser that runs on D-cell batteries for the kitchen, laundry and maid's quarters. Batteries last for ages (I've had it for almost two years and I replaced the batteries for the first time 2 weeks ago), no issues heating the water as long as you only run one tap at a time. I've also got a 26l/min Paloma that needs to be plugged in and it's an absolute beast, no issue heating the water to 60° in the middle of winter while running two showers at the same time. I've not had any issues with either of them so I'd happily recommend either based on my experiences.
  6. *effective* head tube angle then... fkn' nerd 😝🤣
  7. Need to run the fork backwards otherwise the head angle is too slack 🤨
  8. The solar on these devices isn't really meant to charge the battery, it's intended to extend battery life while doing an activity. You might be able to charge the battery if you leave it in the sun long enough but I'm pretty sure it will take AGES.
  9. Every wattbike or spinning bike I've ever been on at Virgin has had SPD pedals or clips(straps)
  10. If you told us what area/city you are in we might even be able to help.
  11. Aah, maybe I wasn't clear. My go-to skin repair cream is Sudocrem, my go-to chamois cream is Ass Magic. Keen to try the new skin repair cream though.
  12. I'm definitely going to give this repair cream a try because I love their chamois cream but my current go-to is baby bum cream (Sudocrem specifically)
  13. If the watch itself doesn't work, wearing any of the HRM-Run, HRM-Tri or HRM-Pro chest straps will provide cadence and power numbers.
  14. Not really unless they have changed the process recently. I got mine just before COVID. Went to the Customs office at OR Tambo, submitted the forms, got my importers code a week or two later.
  15. Oh, I must have missed it 😝
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