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Found 13 results

  1. Meet the Onza Canis which I’ve been testing out over a good few rides. The Canis is somewhat of a crossover tyre, classed by Onza as “Cross country / All mountain” it is said to give a combination of low rolling resistance and good grip. Specifications I tested the Onza Canis 29 x 2.25 C3 RC2 Tubeless Ready. And yes those numbers all mean something. C3 is Onza’s Cross Country Casing with 60TPI - sturdier, thicker sidewalls for a little more puncture resistance vs. the thinner and lighter 120TPI. RC2 denotes the dual compound rubber materials used in the tyre makeup: harder 65a in the center for durability and good rolling and softer 55a on the outsides for grip. Weight750gSize29 x 2.25TPI60BeadKevlar / foldableCompounds65a/55aPriceRRP R 650.00 At 750g per tyre they're on par with other similarly specced all rounders. Price wise they are also competitive considering the price tags on some top end tubeless tyres are in the neighbourhood of R 700-800.00 Fitment The tyres were first fitted to a set of Easton EA70 XCTs and later to a pair of ZTR Crests and both were no trouble at all. Although I opted for some assistance from a tyre lever for that last little bit, getting the tyre onto the rim was possible completely by hand on either wheel. I ran them tubeless and when it came to inflation (which can be a pain without a compressor) a standard floor pump did the trick for both wheels. On the trails My first few outings on these tyres were to a very wet and muddy Tokai. I was impressed by the grip even in the soggy conditions which Onza don't really class these tyres for. Thanks to the open tread pattern on the outer edges mud and dirt cleared well and they held on impressively well. In the really sticky clay-like stuff though, traction was limited as they struggled to dislodge the gunk.In drier conditions I was quickly impressed with the rolling performance. What was first just a feeling of “woah, these are fast” was reinforced on the extended gravel roads of the Baviaans Kloof. On the open dirt roads they were fast rolling with good acceleration and none of the sluggishness slightly grippier tyres can add. Through windy singletrack I found myself increasingly pushing the traction limits and confidently so. On a mixture of hard packed soil, slippery pine needles and roots, loose and sharp rocky sections they performed well and predictably. Only in very loose sand and very wet conditions did I find they began to lose contact. For general trail and singletrack riding I found I got the best traction performance running them at lower pressures: usually 1.6-1.8 bar front and back depending on the terrain. Any higher and they tended to get overly slippery over rocks and roots (for reference I weigh in at around 73kg). Durability Having ridden close on 600km with these tyres over varied terrain so far they've held up well, but they have still got a lot of life in them. In terms of puncture resistance I’ve not had a single issue to date. So far I am very happy with the durability, but I’ll report back after a few thousand kilometers. In the end In a short space of time I’ve become a big fan of these tyres. They are well suited to my riding habits delivering on the combination of grip and low rolling resistance Onza speak of. Those looking for more grip might opt for the beefier Ibex up front, but for my riding the Canis front and rear does the job well. Given the more wallet-friendly price and the impressive performance the Onza Canis delivers excellent value in an all-rounder tyre.I won't be taking these off until they need replacing! Onza tyres are distributed by Rush Sports in SA. The following versions are currently available in leading bike stores:Onza Citius 27.5x2.4 60TPI Onza Ibex 26x2.25 60TPI & Onza Ibex 27.5x2.25 60 TPI Onza Canis 26x2.25 60TPI; Onza Canis 27.5x2.25 120TPI & Onza Canis 29x2.25 60TPI
  2. Though a little before my mountain biking time, Onza (or OnZa) was one of the big brands in mountain bike tyres and other components in the late nineties. While the brand faded away in the early 2000’s more recently a swiss-based company relaunched the Onza brand and range of tyres. Click here to view the article
  3. Hi Hubbers!! Our 2019 Black Friday Sale kicked off today and will run until 29 November. New products are loaded daily so don't miss out! The link to the Black Friday page is here: https://www.evobikes.co.za/black-friday-sale.html
  4. Hi Hubbers Our 2019 CYCLETOUR Specials started today! New products will be added daily. Stock are limited. You can find the specials here - https://www.evobikes.co.za/cycle-tour.html
  5. Origin Cyclery is the importer and distributor for Funn Mountain Bike Components who have been manufacturing quality mountain bike components for more than a decade, and whose components are no stranger to the podium in the DH circuits. Funn produces some great looking and bulletproof parts, suited to those that want something different on their bikes. Funn Mountain Bike Components are available through the Origin Cyclery online store and Pretoria warehouse, as well as your local bike shop if you prefer to hold and feel something before buying. Origin Cyclery also stocks a number of other brands such as Box Components, Oury Grips, Leatt Protectives, CSixx, Maxxis, and Onza but to name a few that we feel complement our product offering. In short, we are crazy about cycling, and we know that your bike is more than just a bike - it’s your pride and joy - and your pride and joy deserves to be unique and set up just the way you like it. So if you want to make your bike stand out from the crowd with some quality, and seriously sexy parts you won’t find around every corner, without breaking the bank, give us a call or have a look at our online store. We are always happy to chat, or answer any questions you may have, and we ship country wide. We also do custom bike builds, so if you want to build anything from a lightweight marathon slayer to a trail ripper, give us a shout. We are constantly trying to improve and provide you with the best possible service, so if you have any feedback on the website or general comments please feel free to leave comments in the discussion are below or send us a mail at info@origincyclery.co.za. Find us on social media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/OriginCyclery Instagram: @origincyclery If you are the owner of a bike shop and want to stock Funn Mtb Components drop us a mail at dealer@origincyclery.co.za.
  6. This isn't a rant or rave thread... Just checking whether anyone else has experienced this. Onto my second set of Onza Canis 29 (60tpi) tyres and they're showing unusual wear on the sidewalls after a few hundred km's. Diagonal thread/weave lines are appearing and they're slowly starting to leak sealant through these. Getting progressively worse by the week. Previous identical set of Onza's did over 2000km without any sidewall issues. Pity that it's happening because my first set sold me on the brand, and they're generally excellent tyres in most conditions - and this set has a lot more life left in the tread. Has anyone else noticed similar on theirs?
  7. Bike Hub will be having a series of giveaways in 2016. First up, we’re giving away Onza Tires to the value of R2,500. Click here to view the article
  8. To enter this giveaway, simply sign up to our weekly email newsletter below. If you're already a subscriber you'll automatically be included in the draw. The winner can select between the Onza Canis and Ibex in the size and casing of their choices. The selection of tires will depend on stock and availability at the time and not exceed R2,500 in retail value. Onza Canis “Combining low rolling resistance with a lot of traction, the CANIS tread offers both the ferocity of a wolf and the reliability of your neighbor’s dog. That’s why the CANIS is the best friend for cross country but also all mountain riders.” Onza Ibex “The IBEX known for fast, smooth and safe locomotion in mountainous terrain, and the tire named after it is no different: Thanks to its wide open tread, you do not need to compromise on either loose gravel or in wet conditions. No trail is too steep, no section too narrow and no root too slippery for this all round tire.” Onza Citius "When the conditions are dry and the courses dusty and blisteringly fast, rolling resistance is a decisive factor in downhill racing. To ensure our team riders can reach their maximum speeds, onza tires‘ Citius is the perfect tire choice! Available in a 2.4-inch width for 26 and 27.5 inch wheel sizes, this tire is designed for dry, shallow depth surfaces. The Citius (latin for “faster”) features densely packed knobs throughout its centre section for fast rolling performance. The tread on the tire’s shoulder offers plenty of traction to stick to the fastest line in corners and off-camber sections. Want to break some course records? The Citius is all you need." For more information on these Onza tires, check out our reviews of the Onza Canis here and Onza Ibex here. Entries close at 1pm on Friday, 5 February 2016. Voucher redeemable at you nearest Onza dealer.
  9. Headed up by mountain bikers with several years of experience, Onza has launched a range of new mountain bike tires named after animals, localities and regions in Switzerland. "Onza" (Spanish for Lynx) itself is a cryptid cat said to be similar to a cougar. We tested the 29" x 2.25” version of the tire with Onza's FRC 120tpi casing and RC²55a tread compound. The RC²55a designation means that there is a harder, 65a durometer rubber in the centre for durability and reduced rolling resistance, while a softer 55a compound is used on the outer knobs for improved cornering traction and grip. The 120tpi (threads per inch) offers a lighter, more flexible and supple casing. It is a Tubeless Ready (TLR) casing which means it can be converted using sealant, but it doesn't carry the same weight penalty of a full tubeless tire.Its tread pattern reminded me of the popular and much-loved Maxxis High Roller, with wide horizontal central blocks and large angular, aggressive side knobs. On the Trail Mounting the tires and setting them up tubeless was easy and they inflated first time using a Topeak JoeBlow Mountain floor pump on the 3 different wheelsets (AMC Wide Lightning, AMC Carbonator and derby rims custom wheelset) they were fitted to. Thanks to its full-size width and aggressive tread pattern the Ibex is not a fastest roller, but it was never designed to be. There are no intermediate lugs between the harder centre and softer side lugs, but the transition is predictable and when pushed hard the side lugs catch the slide before it gets out of hand and affects confidence in the tire and it's grip. I found the aggressive square-ish side lugs help you hit corners and off camber sections faster and with more confidence than you would on most tires. Verdict For those looking for a bit less rolling resistance, I think pairing an Ibex out front with an Onza Canis in the back will be a great combination. I am however more than happy to sacrifice some of that speed when climbing and pedaling along for the added grip in the fun stuff. The Ibex descends with impressive grip levels and confidence. It does not mind being pushed hard. In fact, that's when this cat comes alive. The supple casing with the tread design offers great grip, whether the trail is soft and loose or wet and muddy. Specification and Models RRP: R825.00 Actual weight: 770g From the Manufacturer: Intended use: AM / END / FR / DH The IBEX (or Capricorn) is known for fast, smooth and safe locomotion in mountaineous terrain, and the tire named after it is no different: Thanks to its wide open tread, you do not need to compromise on either loose gravel or in wet conditions. No trail is too steep, no section too narrow and no root too slippery for this all round tire.
  10. Onza has been around for longer than most will know, having started life in the late 80's producing tires, headsets, bar ends and other bits. For whatever reason (it was before my time) they disappeared from the scene until the mid 2000's when a Swiss-based company decided to revive the name. Click here to view the article
  11. Ever wondered where all those parts you see hanging in bike shops come from? We all know they get there through distributors but it's not common for most people to get insight into that side of the bike industry. Keen to check it out for myself, I was quick to jump when invited to spend a day with the guys from Rush Sports at their warehouse and dealer evening. Click here to view the article
  12. Nick

    Inside Rush Sports

    Rush Sports, head office and warehousing, is based in Pietermaritzburg. Despite being some distance from their big sales areas (Gauteng and Western Cape) the guys are happy in PMB and, with an efficient courier, parts can be delivered countrywide overnight. Rush Sports started life as an public online retailer but have since closed this part of the business to focus on distributing brands to dealers. They are currently the South African suppliers of Enduro Bearings, Onza, Praxis Works, Formula, Wheels MFG, and Brake Authority which are available through your local bike shop. Rush Sports pride themselves on their communication and efficient service and have set up a number of processes to smooth out the ordering and delivery chain for their clients (your local bike shop). They've also taken the approach of favouring quality workshop components (such as bearings, spacers, adapters and brake pads) over flashy exciting products. For information on the companies philosophy and direction, check out this recent press release that they sent out to the media. In the office Warehouse 21, the home of Rush Sports. Their next-door neighbours in warehouse 23 happen to be Pat and Hilton from Pyga Industries. As you walk into the warehouse you are greeted by this happy fellow. And some Evil lurking at the base of the stairs. Up the stairs you'll find Andre (centre), Mark (right) and Ryan (left), the Rush Sports team, in the office. See the big screen on the wall behind Ryan's head? That's Rush's hit list. If you're a dealer and they haven't been in contact for a couple weeks, your name pops up here and the guys get in touch with you.While I was there the phones didn't stop ringing with orders coming in and courtesy calls going out to check that everything is still in order and stocks are being kept topped up. It genuinely appears that the guys are loving what they do. There's a good vibe in the office with much banter between the guys, I even got to experience the entertaining weekly gangster rap pick. Other than the good old telephone, Rush Sports also offer an online platform from which stores can order parts. You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their workshop. The Rush Sports guys keep it squeaky clean. The Warehouse Rush Sport’s have a huge collection of items. The tricky thing for them is that most are small and only distinguishable by a keen eye. The number of different bearings alone had my head spinning, then there are the BB adapters, spacers, seals, derailleur hangers, brake spares... I think you get the point. These boxes are packed with Onza mountain bike tyres. This fresh shipment had just arrived before my visit. Despite the industry's best efforts to try and get you to buy a new bike, 26er isn’t dead, and Rush Sports are well aware of this. They had plenty of 26er Onza tyres in stock. Each item gets slapped with an item code as soon as it enters the door. It's the only way to keep track of stock. It was all a bit of a maze to me but the guys knew their way around the place when completing orders. The day's orders go out before the close of business each day. This means that there's a good chance your bike shop can order today and receive your parts tomorrow. Something you should bear in mind, and possibly check with your shop, if things seem to be taking time with a Rush Sports brand. Of course, there will always be items out of stock and awaiting a fresh shipment from the manufacturer. The packing station. This is where orders are prepared for shipping to stores.Rush Sports send their orders out in neatly branded boxes. These are created using a stencil and paint brush. The end result looks very professional and the boxes can take quite a beating (as I found out when challenged to break one). The end result. Orders ready for courier collection. KwaZulu-Natal Dealer Evening On the same day of my warehouse visit, Rush Sports also hosted their first ever dealer evening at Giba Gorge MTB Park. The idea was for Rush Sports to get all their KZN dealers in one place to catch up, display their new products, and company aims going forward. The event was well attended by the local bike shop owners and managers. Giba Gorge served some very tasty food while Mo' Gravity Brewery were on hand with fantastic beer. Credit to Lloyd Ramsey for taking the above photos at the dealer evening. Gear spotted During my visit, there were a few products left out in view which I managed to grab some snaps of. Praxis 1x cranks feature a hallow crank arm and decent looks. Expect this brand to appear on a number of 2016 Specialized bikes. Stock of the famed Praxis wide range cassettes arrived shortly after my visit. Ask your local bike shop, if they aren't stocking already. Praxis also make narrow wide chain rings. Ever had the desire to run ceramic derailleur pulleys? No? Me neither. But for those that that have, Enduro Bearings have you covered with these long lasting, low resistance pulleys. Wheels MFG try to recreate as many bike derailleur hangers as the can. Very useful when your bike manufacturer can’t find a replacement. This plate shows how the hangers are built from a solid piece of metal. A Wheels MFG bearing press. A must have for any shop and certainly a dream kit for my home mechanics toolbox. You can find out more about Rush Sports on their website here. They also post interesting videos about their products and business on their YouTube channel here.
  13. Hi guys after being extremely happy with the full range of Maxxis tyres on my 26ers I have not had much luck with any tyre on my 27.5. I have tried Continentals - sidewalls leak Schwalbe - weak sidewalls several big tears Maxxis Crossmark - I have now lost 5 tyres to small sidewall tears just outside the rim area in about three months where I have really not been riding much. Tyres are inflated to correct pressures and I have taken care to seat and seal them 100% So I am at your mercy here I know many of you swear by contis and most by schwalbe with snakeskins on your 29ers but please if there are any guys or girls out there specifically with 27.5ers let me know what you use that does not 'poof' at the first sight of a few rocks. Also if there are any of you that use or have used the new Onzas please share your experience.
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