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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to install a Pioneer power meter on my Dura Ace 9000 left crank and it runs into my rear brake caliper. Go me for not doing my research or thinking about that when searching for one. Anyways, the brake caliper is a Shimano Ultegra(see image). Any help or suggestions on the matter would be great! Maybe a spacer on the crank or a new brake? Any suggestions on low profile brake calipers that will make sure it does not run into the left crank? I have a Scott Solace bike for reference. Thanks,
  2. Hi I am using Ultegra R8000 Dual sided PM, I got it last year in August, in October Stages replaced the left crank arm because of calibration issues. On Saturday I found that only my right side recorded data, went home, replaced batteries, updated the firmware to version 1.6.8. On Sunday's ride it was only picking up left, and power was a lot lower than what it should have been, as after 60km my NP was only 100 Watts. I deleted my PM from my Garmin, when I tried to add it again my ANT+ code was completely wrong. And didn't connect to my Stages at all after that. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? I would love to UPGRADE to something more reliable, but unfortunately with the current Economic challenges it's a bit of an expensive thing to do. So would like to get what I am using working again for time being? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Afternoon Hubbers! To those who own or have owned a Powertap wheelset, specifically the G3 ANT+ model, how does one do a software update? I have downloaded, just for the sake of the update, Poweragent. Then I remove the G3 cap from my rear wheel, which has a mini-USB port. I don't know what kind of cable to use to connect to my PC? I used several cellphone charger cables but the computer does not recognise it. Thanks!!
  4. Hi Hubbers! So this product popped up on the FB feed this evening.. http://www.powerpodsports.com/ What the heck?!
  5. Hi Hubbers I’m new to when it comes to power meters :-( Looking for one that will fit my Sram XX1 Eagle groupset, what is the options available? And then....... Do you get a power meter that you can use on your MTB & Road Bike? Don’t want to buy 1 for each bike, is this possible?
  6. Hi Hubbers.... Does anyone know off virtual spinning classes available online or Tablet Apps where you can subscribe and do some indoor spinning sessions? Don't have a smart trainer so only something I can do with normal spinning bike and add some fun and decent workouts ?
  7. I found IQ Square Power Meters and their tech seems to be promising and comes in at a price point that most people can afford. I'd be interested to see some reviews once the devices start shipping in March. Has anyone ordered one?
  8. Cycling is a fairly unique sport due to the ability to be able to get a direct measure of workload. Power meters have been around for a few decades already and are able to measure your power output in real time during training and racing. Immediately after the power meters were first released to the consumer market, they were extremely expensive and heavy, use was limited to certain professional cycling teams and others that could afford them. Recent advances in technology have seen power meters become cheaper and as a result their popularity has increased among cyclists of all levels. In this article, we will provide some insight into how we use power meters with our athletes. Click here to view the article
  9. I am looking for a local bike shop that is able to change the battery of a Powertap G3 power meter hub with the proper hub cap wrench in and around Cape Town please?
  10. Offering a unique solution, the P1 pedals by PowerTap are self-contained units, having all the electronics and battery contained in a 196g pedal. As with other offerings, Look Keo cleats can be used, but they ship with with proprietary 6 degree float PowerTap cleats and hardware. They also offer a 0 degree float cleat option as an extra accessory. Click here to view the article
  11. Would you buy a Stages power crank or a 4iiii power crank for R2500 less? I can get a stages for R14500 or a 4iiii for R11000. Should I buy the 4iiii? Both are Dura ace crank arms.
  12. Hi Hubbers! Experience from being an active Hub user has taught me that many of you are doing imports on a regular basis, so perhaps someone can help a brother out (fellow Hubber). He ordered an item from Canada ey, and he was given a message to say that his package is in this country (arrived on the 8th April), BUT upon going to OR Tambo, the security (at international depot) told him that they don't allow anyone to go in and collect at the EMS counter anymore. There is a poster on the security house's window stating that as of Nov 2016 no collection at the counter. Supposedly the security phoned inside there, they got back to him saying he must go to his local post office which he did and, no parcel has arrived. Is he being anxious for no reason, is it still at customs clearance? Your feedback will be much appreciated! An expensive item being eagerly awaited!
  13. I recently bought a power meter and it worked perfectly for a while. I then changed the battery and since then it's become VERY hungry on batteries. I'm a week out of EPIC and now it seems like I need a new battery daily. A friend mentioned once they start giving trouble they eat batteries (as in they don't sleep), but I'd just like to confirm this. Anyone had this issue?
  14. For the last 17 years PowerTap has been creating the best power meters to give cyclists the edge that they’ve been yearning for. Last year PowerTap shook up the power meter market with the introduction of the P1 pedal power meter, the most advanced power meter ever developed. Today the Wisconsin-based cycling power meter manufacturer introduced two new products into their portfolio of pedal-based power meters. The first addition is a new power meter named the P1S, a single -sided version of the world-renowned P1 pedal-based power meter. The second is the much anticipated Advanced Pedal Metrics for P1 pedal users, available exclusively via the PowerTap iOS Mobile App. Click here to view the article
  15. If you’re anything like me indoor training can be a bit of a chore, but often the sensible option to supplement training through winter. Even with a decent trainer and the distraction of TVs or iPads, I quickly get bored and uncomfortable. Enter the CycleOps PowerSync and their Virtual Training software. Click here to view the article
  16. So, I've recently treated myself to a pair of PowerTap P1 pedals. I've trained with them both on the road and on my IDT. I love the data and the real time feedback. I've suffered through a 20 minute FTP test and have that score. No problem here. On Sunday, I'm riding the R4V race. It will be my first with the power meter. What advice do the gurus on Bike Hub have for me in terms of using my new kit in the race.
  17. Last month we discussed the ins and outs of training with a powermeter and briefly touched on the analysis of training data. This month we will discuss how a powermeter can ensure that your training is actually paying dividends. Click here to view the article
  18. Verve Cycling’s InfoCrank is a relative newcomer in a growing power meter market. The InfoCrank hit the shelves in late 2014 after six years of development and testing. This crank based power meter delivers what is said to be a super accurate measurement from both the left and right crank arms. Click here to view the article
  19. Hi guys Would love your opinions on this. How important is a power meter for mtb racing/training? I used to race and train way more road, with a power meter but I moved over to 100% mtb. Do you guys think its necessary to get power meter for the mtb as well? Much appreciated.
  20. Stages Cycling is pleased to announce its continued supply of power meters to the defending Tour de France champions, Team Sky, in 2016. This next year represents the third season in which Team Sky will ride Stages Power, further solidifying the manufacturer’s position at the top of the power measurement category. Click here to view the article
  21. Seems quite an interesting development in the world of power meters. Seems like prices are tumbling everywhere one way or another. "Limits power meter smashes funding target; you can still get one if you act quickly. The Limits power meter that we told you about last month (http://road.cc/content/news/148808-limits-affordable-power-meter-launches-indiegogo-video) has smashed its funding target on Indiegogo with five days of its campaign remaining. The project currently has pledges from 1,007 contributors amounting to 212% of the US$100,000 (about £65,000) goal. You need to stick at least US$249 (about £161) in the pot to be in line to receive a Limits power meter when they become available at the end of the year." http://road.cc/content/news/152648-5-days-remaining-if-you-want-limits-power-meter-161 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/limits-the-world-s-smartest-cycling-power-meter#/story
  22. I'm sure this has been handled elsewhere, but I got bored while searching... So, the Receiver of Revenue owes me about 10k. I think I deserve a power meter. I'm sure there is a whole thread on PM vs Wheels and all the other debates, but I'm ready to splash the cash on a PM. I've done quite a lot of research and based on my needs and budget, I'm happy to have a left side only device. Does anyone have any real-world input for me. I like the Stages, but am concerned that if I upgrade my bike, I'll need to change PM's if I don't buy Ultegra again. I like the Garmin, but am concerned about some fitment and durability issues. All advice gratefully accepted.
  23. I'm looking into buying a power meter (again). I'm heavily leaning towards the PowerTap C1 power meter. I love that you can fit it onto your existing crank, and as far as I can tell, it's the cheapest crank spider power meter on the market today. But on the display unit side, the PowerTap Joule GPS+ does not impress me that much. The lack of a manual start stop function is a showstopper for me. I'm leaning towards getting a Garmin Edge 500 or Garmin Edge 510. How well does it work mixing different brands of power meter and display unit? In theory, it should just work as they both use Ant+, but how well does it work in practice. I am worried about hidden gotchas. Anyone have experience with doing this?
  24. Garmin today announced Vector 2 and Vector 2S, the next generation of the company’s innovative pedal-based power meters. Like their predecessors, Vector 2 and Vector 2S measure power directly at the pedal, where force is applied, for reliable and accurate results. Click here to view the article
  25. Quark no longer makes power meters for 2x10.... I am interesting in getting one from a buddy, and wanted to get the manuals etc online so naturally I looked at the Quark site and noticed no 2x10 So I asked the question on there "support" webform, which by the way does not cater for you unless you have a serial number to fill in? Huh I don't have a serial number yet..... SO I made something up, and got a response.... "we only make a xx1 for MTB" Surely there are still plenty out there who require 2x10
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