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Found 20 results

  1. Good evening Hubbers, Those more familiar with Cycleops/Saris products, especially the Magnus model, have you ever spotted the LED light flashing at 3Hz? The manual gives the detail for 1Hz, 2Hz and 4Hz (none of them good), but there's no mention for 3Hz. What possibly could it mean?
  2. Get ready to RUMBLE! We know you are tired of riding shoulder to shoulder with Aussies and Kiwis - that is why starting this Wednesday 19:35, its time for you South African Zwifters (Zaffas) to come out fighting! Wednesday night kicks off our “Fight Night” on Zwift, a 1- 1 ½ hour race (dependent on the course) specifically for us South Africans. Yes, we are going to have to let in a couple of Aussies, Kiwis and any nationality that doesn’t understand the difference between now, just now and now now……but we really want that screen filled with South African flags! How? I’ll get to that now now. Our Chief Torturers from our national PainCave.co.za clubs will join you in this race series and ensure there is at least some pain. The PainCave “Fight Night” race runs for 25 weeks with your best 10 races counting towards final standings and possibly even some great prizes courtesy of BuyCycle.co.za and paincave.co.za The format of the race series will be based on age and not watts/kg. If you don’t have access to a smart trainer at home, head off to www.paincave.co.za and book a slot at any of our studios for the Wednesday night “Fight Night” – there will be a couple of FREE slots available at each studio (first come first served……chat to them now!) https://zwift.com/events/view/64197 We will be adding more details over the next couple of days and weeks….so keep on heading back to check the latest news. This is a series organised and run by Zaffas for all you Saffas! NOTE: While Zwift is sorting out European GDPR regulations for Zwiftpower.com we will not be able to display a leaderboard. We are however confident that this will sorted out soon. So no prizes until this is sorted out, only bragging rights. Be quirky, be fun, be lekker. Enjoy the race!
  3. Good afternoon i would like some advice regarding Indoor trainers and the Various apps that are on the market . i have a Tacx smart neo running the Rouvy app . my wife and I both use the trainer but now i was wondering is there another way that i could purchase another trainer and we could then ride together using the same app ? Woul i be able to get a less expensive trainer and say ride on a mobile phone using the app and she would ride on the neo and we ride together ? what would be a decent trainer that wont cost too much that could do this ? Thanks
  4. The combination of cold winter mornings and live coverage of the Tour de France makes training indoors the go-to for many cyclists and triathletes alike. Not only can you leave the thermals and toe caps off, but your indoor session can be just as effective (in certain cases, more effective), than training outdoors. There are a huge variety of training apps and aids out on the market, all designed to make your training easier, keep you entertained and make you want to train indoors. Although we are spoilt for choice with all the aids out on the marketing, let’s face it; training indoors isn’t nearly as exciting as getting out there. We know all the tricks in the book; from racing other cyclists online right through to watching the Tour in hope that it will inspire you to push through the next interval set. Although indoor training is mentally tough, there is one key factor that can change it for you. Music. The beat that drives your legs forward, the lyrics that transport you from the confines of four walls, the emotions that come from a few minutes of beautiful noise. Listening to music while you’re training can help your fatigue, boost your mood and helps you feel less pain. Choosing the right type of music for your training is what stands between you and the finish line. We want to know what your top three songs are for training indoors! Every week for the course of three weeks, we will award a pair of CycleOps socks to the best liked song list. At the end of the three weeks, we will award a CycleOps Winter Training Package to the overall top liked list. Turn up the music, close your eyes and let the beat take over. Submissions should be made in the following format, Artist, Song and Album (if known). The winner for each week will be announced every Monday (10th, 17th & 24th July 2017) with the grand price being announced on Tuesday the 25th July 2017
  5. During the ‘spinning’ craze, power measuring bikes were unheard of and the only indication of how hard we’d worked was the size of our sweat pool at the end of a session. Tailoring workouts for different purposes wasn’t an issue, since it was generally assumed that the higher the heart rate or the bigger the sweat pool, the better the work out was. The spinning instructor was king (or queen) and what he (or she) said, went….. It was fun for some, but because of wide variations in individual needs or ambitions, not always right for everybody. Click here to view the article
  6. After decades of technological innovation, five evolutions of smart trainers and millions of pedal strokes, Wisconsin-based indoor bike trainer manufacturer, CycleOps, announced a new kind of indoor riding experience – the Hammer. Designed for cyclists looking to advance into the next generation of virtual trainers that seamlessly integrate with a variety of smart devices and are compatible with virtually every training application. Click here to view the article
  7. If you’re anything like me indoor training can be a bit of a chore, but often the sensible option to supplement training through winter. Even with a decent trainer and the distraction of TVs or iPads, I quickly get bored and uncomfortable. Enter the CycleOps PowerSync and their Virtual Training software. Click here to view the article
  8. Good morning Hubbers :-) Trust you all had a great weekend of Vitamin D and riding :-) :-) We sure did. I would like to find out if any of you rode last years 947 with a GoPro or the likes of and took video of the route? I would like to get the video and the GPS file linked and uploaded to CycleOps Virtual Training as we would like to provide a competition for all hubbers on this course. Prizes to be confirmed, but just saying there are some new toys launched from CycleOps and ......... We will leave you guessing :-) Thanks in advance :-)
  9. Rooted in their dedication to providing all types of cyclists with the best tools to help them achieve their goals, the Wisconsin-based indoor bike trainer manufacturer, CycleOps, unveiled their newest smart indoor bike trainer – the Magnus. Click here to view the article
  10. After 3 months of exclusively riding on my VR Trainer I'm afraid to admit that I've pretty much used up all the interesting programmes and imagination that I posses. As it's still a few months before my shoulder will be healed enough to be allowed out onto tar I fear that I'll lose interest in the pain being inflicted on me by my VRT. Anyone got some suggestions to spice things up a bit through different power based workouts or specific intervals that are: a) a bit different b) beneficial c) FTP or PPO rather than heart rate or perceived effort based d) don't drag and seem longer than they are Please share your favourites.
  11. ENHANCE YOUR RIDE ! TRADE IN AND UPGRADE TO A NEW CYCLEOPS TRAINER Trade-in any used indoor bike trainer and receive up to 20% off a new CycleOps device. We’ll gladly take your old trainer – any brand – off your hands. From now until June 30th is your time to upgrade. -BRING YOUR RIDE INSIDE- “We’ve been producing some of the best virtual trainers since the dawn of this technology. We care deeply about providing the best, most entertaining bike training experience possible. We are excited to get CycleOps into the pain caves, basements and training spaces of all types of cyclists.” Jeff Frehner – President CycleOps “We’ve taken our knowledge and history of trainers and raised the bar for the 2016 Season.” Jeff Iverson– CycleOps Project Manager REPLACEMENT MODELS INCLUDED IN THE TRADE-IN DEAL Mag Fluid2 SuperMagneto Classic PowerSync This trade in offer is exclusively available through Bicycle Power Trading. CycleOps Product Current MSRP Price with CycleOps Trade-in Price with non CycleOps product trade-in CycleOps Mag R3 495.00 R2 796.00 R2 970.75 CycleOps Fluid 2 R5 695.00 R4 556.00 R4 840.75 CycleOps Super Magneto R6 595.00 R5 276.00 R5 605.75 CycleOps PowerSync R14 995.00 R11 996.00 R12 745.75 Here’s how: Contact our customer service team. You can reach them at info@bicyclepower.co.za or 011-023-2777 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:00p.m. and let them know what you want to trade in.Get your discount code.A customer service representative will provide you a discount offer on any selected CycleOps trainer. They’ll also provide you with a return authorization number.Courier us your old trainer. Use your return authorization number to ship us your old unit. Please make sure that the return authorization is attached to the parcel.We dispatch to you for FREE. Once we get your old trainer we will dispatch your brand new CycleOps product with our trusted couriers as soon as we receive PoP for the agreed amount. Terms & Conditions In addition to our standard terms & conditions of sale, this CycleOps Trade-In program includes the following terms & conditions: Definition: “trade-in unit” is the approved home trainer (as outlined below) which is returned to Bicycle Power Trading cc by you (the customer) to allow a discount against a new CycleOps product (as listed above). Valid only for customers within the RSA. 0% Finance is not available in conjunction with this program. Date of promotion: 20th May 2016 – 30th June 2016. Only forms submitted within these dates will be processed. Some products may be out of stock, we aim to keep lead-times to a minimum and will advise you on any delay. Upon receipt of the trade-in unit and dispatch of your new CycleOps product, your trade-in unit becomes property of Bicycle Power Trading cc. As per our standard terms and conditions of sale, you have the right to cancel the contract for the purchase of any of these items within a period of 7 working days, beginning with the day after the day on which the item is delivered. After this period has ended, the trade-in unit will either be destroyed and recycled, or refurbished and resold.
  12. The Future Of CycleOps Is Near........ We've been hard at work at our world headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, forging an indoor bike trainer that's unlike any that have come before it. Here's a sneak peek.
  13. HI to all , I've had my Jetblack M1 trainer for a year now , but lately with an FTP of close to 300w I feel it doesn't provide enough resistance. I am looking at upgrading to a trainer with a exponential power curve and 400w resistance at 40km/h in the 2000-3000ZAR price range second hand. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  14. I'm having a problem with the Cycleops Virutal Trainer app and their support is pretty useless. I am unable to upload my rides to their servers for some reason. I have a gzip file on my tablet. I want to upload to Strava but Strava doesn't accept gzip. Any ideas what I can do? Thanks in advance.
  15. The CycleOps PowerSync is an indoor trainer with an onboard power meter to accurately measure your training efforts. The trainer is operated by your iOS or Android device via the VirtualTraining software. We'll be buzzing away in the early mornings of winter to bring you a full review of the PowerSync trainer and VirtualTraining software in July. Click here to view the article
  16. Hi all fellow Hubbers! Anyone out there using the Cycleops PowerBeam Pro ANT+ coupled to an Ipad with the Virtualtraining App having any issues with the data link? Since the upgrade to iOS8 by Apple, I am experiencing losses in connection between the App and my IDT on a regular basis. It hapens at different occassions during any Interval or Freeride session. Loses connection completely so no Power, HR or Cadence figures. I then have to shut down and reset the whole system before resarting my session. Extrememly frustraing!! Dave at Bicycle Power Trading has been very helpful in trying to resolve this issue. We have replaced the PowerBeam unit itself, the ANT+ dongle, and the firewire connector, but still no luck. I have even gone as far as removing and reinstalling the app, and no better. It has come to the point were it may be I have a defective iPad. Before investing in another iPad I would like to know if anyone having similar issues? Any ideas? Is there another app available with similar features that can link to the Powerbeam? Thanks all Keith
  17. CycleOps S.A. has opened a new training hub on the door step of Sandton, Boasting industry leading power based CycleOps Indoor Cycle 300 and 420 bikes as well as the popular PowerBeam trainers, our facilities will allow coached or self coached riders access to accurate power based training sessions. Our Virtual training sessions are structured on your personal Functional Threshold Power (FTP) - measured upon signup and at specified periods in between. This will enable your coach to validate the training you are doing and track your progress (or non-progress as sometimes happens) and alter your schedule to suit. Training can be performed in a group session in VIP with times starting from 6 - 7am then from 5 - 6pm. Alternatively if your program/working hours do not allow a group session or times then we have a separate space in VVIP with limited numbers where you can book a bike any time of the day and come through to train, times also from 6am to 6PM. We will be adding more time slots as the demand increases. Each bike has its own tablet with our bespoke training App loaded so all your personal metrics are displayed in front of you, we have a selected route/workout displayed on the HD big screens at the font of the room so you can get lost in the French Alps whilst training. Once done with your session the showers and coffee are hot, whilst your workout is automatically uploaded to the cloud onto TrainingPeaks.com, ready to be reviewed by the time you get to the office. We are running free sessions until the end of the year (18th of December), bookings are essential via mail or phone, assesments (FTP) will need to be carried out before hand and can be booked Mon-Fri between 8 am and 4pm. To find out more, feel free to call on 011 072 0847 or drop us a mail at info@cycleopsvip.co.za
  18. CycleOps SA comments on the Tim Noakes Diet. Please find the attached .pdf for your reading pleasure. CycleOps SA and Tim Noakes.pdf
  19. I'm really loving training on my new Cycleops Jetfluid IDT. It is an upgrade from a spinning bike I had and the ability to see real effort (read watts) instead of perceived effort is fantastic. I'm sure that I'll see real benefits very quickly. I'm using the Virtual Training software on PC Dave from Bicycle Power gave me a great spreadsheet to convert RPE to Watts for the Sufferfest videos and this is a great feature. It looks something like this: RPE Watts Percentage 3.0 100 50% 3.5 111 56% 4.0 123 61% 4.5 134 67% 5.0 146 73% 5.5 157 79% 6.0 169 84% 6.5 180 90% 7.0 191 96% 7.5 203 101% 8.0 214 107% 8.5 226 113% 9.0 237 119% 9.5 249 124% 10.0 260 130% My question: When riding a downloaded route on VR is there a corelation between Grade/Slope and Watts? So, for example when VR riding a 7% gradient, what should the RPE or Watts be? I'm not sure the question is logical or intelligible.
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