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Which jacket to buy?


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Been looking at a couple of bike jackets, not too sure which is the better of these two:






They are both (in my opinion) quite expensive so would appreciate some comments by users of either jacket.

I had a look and feel of the First Ascent one at Sportsmans (cheaper there at R699) but was not too impressed with all the little magnets in the fabric!

Any other options? Wanted something light to keep in my Camelbak to keep me warm and dryish on dodgy days...!

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I have the magneto.

Great jacket.


Rear zipper vents dont really help IMO. Also at high speed I found air comes in the collar even if zipped up all the way, making me cold.

Sleeve removal is simple enough, some may be able to do it while riding.


As a vest its also good, though the top of the back is mesh so again if going fast you can catch some wind there.


However breathability is good, done allot of running in mine as well even when drizzling/raining and the zips allow good core temp regulation.

Water resistance is fine for light rain, it will probly become saturated at a point and you will start getting wet.


I did use the vest only in a huge downpour in Dullstroom last year and I'm happy to report that it kept my core bone-dry, even though everything else was soaked.

Wasn't in the rain for very long though, maybe 15-30 min.


Fit wise, the drop tail works well, can at times cathc on a saddle. Also I feel front could be shorter, fine if you stand or run but tends to fold/crumple when on hte bike which can be annoying. I took a small, but the arms are too wide on the upper part, makes it flappy in the wind, can become irritating. Cyclists dont have rugby player biceps !


The blue looks good and cleans well, just take care in not using fabric softner and use a detergant like Nikwax Tech Wash as it lifts out dirt but also revives the breathability of the material.


It is still quite big when folded in its back pocket, so maybe look at the Apple jacket or the Caper Storm equivalent of it's just to be kept in the pack for emergencies. If you need more waterproofing try the FA clear rain jacket, name escapes me but about R700 at sportsmans.


Hope that helps !

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I use the first ascent jacket. Not the magneeto one but the previous design. Has served me well thus far, no complaints.

However, its the only cycling jacket I have owned so that I have nothing to compare to.

Bought mine at Sportsmans Warehouse for R450 2 years ago when it was maked down, presumably to make space for the new stock.

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Thanks guys, I think the 'apple' jacket then is the way to go then, I thought the Magneeto would be a little too big for my Lobo.

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I have the Anatomic rain jacket. You can't take off the sleeves though so if that is essential to you then it is a no go. (why would you take the sleeves off when it is raining anyway?)


R311.00 from the factory shop. It folds up into a tiny mesh bag. If you are interested let me know and I will post a pic of it in the bag.




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