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2010 Specialized Stump Jumper White & Red


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I put my bicycle up for sale on this site on the 24th of August for R30 000 and I received a SMS from someone saying that he would like the bike immediately if he did a EFT to my account and I received the proof of payment the same day, so the proof of payment came through to my cellphone from a long number, so inassumed it was real.

I then dropped my bicycle off at a place in Bruma at a Nandos, he took the bike and now it's a week later and I still don't have the money I searched on the Internet and found out that this guy has scammed a lot of people already.

So please if you see a White & Red Stump Jumper size large for sale anywhere, please contact me.0829087241

The guys name that came with the proof of payment:R.J.Jordans and his cellphone number is 078 547 1930

Don't let it happen to you.

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this is not the sort of first post one would like to make.will keep an eye out and hope you find your bike.went through same bollie a few years ago.my motto now is i only sell with ou ooms en diere op die handpalm.

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  • 2 months later...

Exact same thing happened to me now. Got the conformation sms from nedbank but still no money. To make a long story short it was this guy buying the bike for his son. It happened in johburg. If you got any help from police or the bank please let me know. Or if you see some black dude riding a morewood shova... not too many of them around.

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Sorry to hear about your loss.


You should always wait until the money is in your account and never rely on a proof of payment.

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Very sorry to hear of your loss!


Will keep a eye open for it at Linden Cycles the bike might come through if the guy tries to sell it to us, you never know!

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you mean you did not wait for the money to clear before handing over the bike?!?!?!?!?!?


i'm guessing you never met this guy in person either.

do you not get just a little bit suspicious when a total stranger is willing to deposit money into someones bank account who he's never met, for a bike that he has never actually seen?


here are some tips:


  • an sms from the bank is worthless, it could have been a stolen cheque deposited into your account - the sms will show that the amount has been deposited, but it will never clear. thus wait for money to clear before handing over the item.
  • a typical nigerian scam is when a fraudulent cheque is deposited. the buyer then contacts you and says he needs his money back as he has found a better deal. you then refund his money, and then a few days later the cheque is rejected, leaving YOU out of pocket for the amount.
  • it is the easiest thing to forge a deposit slip and then fax it to the unsuspecting seller.
  • even if you get an sms saying that the money has been deposited AND cleared, he can legally reverse the transaction within 48 hours if i recall correctly.
  • when selling goods, only accept CASH CASH CASH, or go tot he bank together with the buyer and get a bank guaranteed cheque which you yourself can verify right there and then!

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