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Its pretty easy. Short and not many large jumps or drops. There are chicken runs round most of the bigger obstacles. It is HOT and dusty there though , so be prepared!

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How newbie friendly is the Paarl DH run? Looking at going to the shuttle day this weekend.


I think its a excellent place to ride and learn since it caters for all riders. Basically 3 trails to choose from, one rather easy, one medium and one a little bit harder. Would recommend you give all of them a go, all the obstacles have chicken runs so you can tackle them when you feel ready.


Also the shuttle is great, it is very quick to get to the top due to the public tar road and you will be able to do a lot of runs. Ill probably join the fun on Sunday as well :)

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Hey Pittstop


How did you find Paarl? I really enjoyed the track last time I went.


I think I will enjoy it more once I get back into the swing of things. Was too nervous and on the brakes too much (which resulted in a couple of falls), and my fitness currently is atrocious, which had me during my 3rd run having my asthma kick in a bit.


Otherwise it was good

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