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Which trailer must I buy ??? Please help !!!


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I want to buy a new 6ft trailer(and put a bike rack on).

What do you suggest---Venter, Jurgens, Camp Master and many more makes :unsure: .

Im am not going to do bundubashing with it---mainly to transport luggage and bikes.


What do you think must I buy ?

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i am happy with my campmaster - roadster 300 with the roof rack....paid R8500 builders.


I pull better than the venter and is lighter,


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Not owning a trailer, I have borrowed and used both Campmaster (basic model) & Venter. Campmaster is cheaper but not as well put together i.m.o. e.g. Rivets pulled out on latches, quick to rust in places etc. Campmaster is MassMart's (Game/Makro/Builders) in-house brand and generally products are copies of good products from other brands but using lower spec materials and finishes.


Campmaster would be fine for someone using trailer occassionally and keeping it under cover. Seeing you're from Tzaneen where you need to travel some distance to go anywhere, I would pay a little more and go with a more durable option.


Check the 4x4 forums where there is lots of useful information, including the fact that the Jurgens appears to be the heaviest, although I didn't note which model this comment was referring to.

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I've had a Venter for years now and am very happy with it. I really don't think there is much in it regarding weight. I would focus on the quality when making your decision.


It is the quality of the bike racks that drive me insane. I have thae same racks as those on leon_pro's Venter. They have given me endless grief. The clamps that hold the bike's fork in place always come loose and also rust.

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my camp master trailer (new) had a wiring problem and burnt my wiring of my car.

I am still trying to fix the car...


so if you buy a camp master first open the lights and plug and check wiring!!!


if the light goes on it does mean everything is 100%...

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I have a Venter Trailer and a 7 bike rack from Strides. Never had a days issue. The venter trailer is a 7ft and is strong enough that handle anything. (i did buy with the bigger wheels and the stronger axle). The strides bike rack is a bit more expensive than some others on the market but when you are carrying more than R150k worth of bikes i say the extra cost is worth it.

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Check out the challenger brand of trailers...


They are locally made and you can have them modified to an extent to suit your requirements and your pocket...


It also depends on you towing with.

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