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  1. I am running TL5000 on Vision wheels and no issue seating them.
  2. Do you guys also find that you are pumping your tyre more regularly than you would with tubes? I have been told by my LBS it is normal.
  3. I think the curfew of 6AM for those of us who exercise is stupid. That means I can only leave my house at 6am to go for a cycle.
  4. Ramrod

    The Munga 2020

    So I bought Benky's winning bike from last year and I have put a Lauf on it. In a bike for bike comparison in a sprint the rigid fork would take it. That Lauf bounces like a ............. when standing and riding.
  5. Ramrod

    The Munga 2020

    I spoke to him at the end of last year.He said this year he might just ride it for fun and see the race from a different angle.
  6. I have been looking for the Steady Rack here in SA but no-one supplies them. They are freaking expensive to import but the perfect rack
  7. that's exactly what I have except I went with the fox 34.
  8. This was my predicament about a year ago. Toss up between the Blur and the Pyga Stage Max. I did ride both. My problem is I am setup sensitive and can feel when my bike is just a few mm out. When test riding a bike for a day I don't believe you get your setup 100% and that can impact the feel of the bike. I just couldn't get the Pyga to feel right under me in the short time I had and the Blur felt more comfortable. That being said the rear suspension felt squishy for me coming from an EPIC S Works (we all have our faults) but I took the gamble and now love my Blur. My problem now is I am considering N+1 in the form of a longer travel bike and the Hyrax is starting to make me itch!
  9. Ramrod

    Munga Grit

    I am keen for the Grit. After doing day 1 of Munga last year you need far less than what you think you need.
  10. I don't understand the logic of some people.
  11. Been toying with a prototype for some time now and tweaking to get it right for some time. Have finally managed to sort out the Kicker Gen 1-4. Would like to get a Core so that we can get the holes pre - cnc'd. I agree on the need for inflatable balls is to deal with the counter weight issue. Most "simple' Rockers don't take into account the flywheel weight of the IDT and thus the whole balance is off.
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