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CT inner city bike route

frikkie fynbos

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Hi Guys


I cycle through to town a few times a week using the BRT cycle path...which i enjoy.


However, from CT station things get a bit dicey. At the monent, the cycle path starts at the bottom of the golden acre and runs up adderley to the gardens...which is great but for the following:


1. There is no safe way to get over strand street TO the beginning (or end if you're going towards the harbour) the cycle road. Currently i cycle off the station's paving and fall in at the traffic lights going up adderley and then join the path. This isn't as easy as it seems when the traffic is heave as there are two lanes turning onto strand, and you are GOING to ve to cross in front of a turning taxi going at Mach 12. Since there is no pedestrian crossing at that point either (i think u're supposed to walk thru the tunnel underneath running into the golden acre...where you CANT cycle)...it become a bit dangerous. The people who went thru all the trouble of building the cycle path...how did THEY plan one to get onto it? Am i missing something?


2. The cycle path (if you finally get onto it) is permanently full of crap from the street vendors! Umbrellas, chairs, boxses...and thisone rite a$$ who insists on parking his damn red motorbike (scrambler) right smack bang in the center of the path. Apart from one sunday afternoon, i have not cycled up there ONCE without a traffic officer beng around...and yet this is still done. This morning i had to stop, pick up my bike, and carry it around all the empty flower boxes, while having to take abuse from the flower vendors! What the hell did I do wrong?! they were on OUR path for crying in a bucket!


One of these days someone is going to get hurt there, and what then? Either a cyclist is going to get run over trying to get ONTO the path, or someone is going to cycle into someone else or something ON the actual path.


Can't there just be a little railing maybe, with a few gaps for pedestrian crossings that line up with those on the actual street, put on?


What can we ask for, and who do we ask at the municipality? What does it help this awesome path was built an its unusable?


I did once see the owner of the red motorbike (a security gaurd at the golden acre) and warned him that one day he might just come back and find his bike kicked over. I saw some guys kick over a BMW in paarden island during dec that an idio also parked on the bike trails. To be honest, im starting to feel fed up and willing to do the same...and i know i shouldnt.


Comments, ideas?

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A while ago there was a security issue where the cycle lane goes under the flyovers. Someone apparrently notified Helen Zille or Patricia De Lill on tweeter and within a couple of days security guards appeared at the trouble spot. Perhaps an e-mail with all the detail will be even better?


Otherwise I think the best option is to inform the Cape Town "improvement district". They are normally very good at listening to people and keen to sort problems relating to the city centre out. They will likely make faster work of it than the city council.


I sometimes take the route from the station westwards to Green point. It works, more or less, but for obvious reasons it does not flow nicely with so many streets to cross and pedestrians on the same path.

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I cycled a few bike lanes in CT yesterday & last night, reminded me a bit of London. Nice lanes, but then you get to an intersection and its mayhem since there is no provision, its just you against the motor vehicles who are all doing a mad dash to get through the lights.

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The cycle lanes are from good intention but I've noticed the lack of planning as mentioned by the OP as my morning bus bases that route. Best is to either tweet Helen Zille or contact your local DA ward counciler and ask who you can speak to - thats what I always do

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