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Shimano shoes


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I'm interested in starting to ride with clips & would like to have some opinions on shoes. I'm riding mostly XC & light trail-no AM & DH any time soon...


My choice is in this range:





SH-M087G (which fitted nicely)



Olympic Hurricane




but any input's welcome.

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Have a mate and his wife who have the M087G and they love them. Only thing I'd worry about is the plastic ratchet, but you can get replacements so not a major. What I can say is avoid the Olympics! Wife has a pair that she now only uses for spinning. She struggles to walk in them and they hurt her

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I ride with the Shimano M087G's and love them to bits.


I tried on SIDI's and TIME's when I bought these, and these just felt so much better on my feet.


I have done almost 4000kms on them and they still look and feel as good as new.

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Thanx for the replies. Thouht of buying really entry level as I'm new to clips, but on the other hand it costs less to buy the right thing first time around.


Not in too much of a rush, but looks like my move will be the M087's then.

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Here's a tip, if you have knee trouble, or need a little float when clipped in get some time pedals. I used to struggle with pressure and knee issues until I got times, I wont buy anything else now.

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