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Bell Helmet Warranty..??


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Who of you have had to use this warranty? as far as i understand it, its a 30% pay in of the original purchase price correct??

mine needs replacing and i went back to original shop where i bought it and i did the claim form, on the form it said there is a 30% replacement charge. i wanted to confirm this with the shop and they said its more likely going to be 60% and the shop is NOT putting a mark up on it... but i have just signed for 30%??

So anyhow, i called the agents and asked if this was correct, and they said that they ONLY charge 30%. the shop must be putting an extra mark up on the new helmet.. im my case, another 30%? after being told that there is NO mark up...


i collected my broken helmet...


i just wanted to ask if i am correct in thinking that the extra mark up is not right, as i have already bought the helmet from the LBS and they have made their profit. The warranty issue is now between myself and Bell.... or is the LBS entitled to mark up again??

I fully understand the 30% to Bell, as i broke the helmet, it was not a defect issue, but should the shop be able to make a mark up twice on the same item?


Your thoughts??

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Ok, because the Agents said its 30% of the original purchase price as per your proof of purchase slip.... im my case i bought the helmet in 2010 and it was R1695. new they are about 2k ish. but even then, i have no issue paying for the warranty claim, just not an added mark up...???

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My logic is that you are paying 30% of the retail cost, meaning there is already a portion built into the price that goes to the shop. I might be mistaken though.


I wrecked my Bell in an accident and the bike shop told me that I would get a discount on a new helmet equal to 70% of the retail price of the same helmet that I wrecked.


I, unfortunately, was unable to make use of the discount as my puppy got hold of the broken helmet and chewed it to pieces. There is no way Bell would have believed that I had a crash with it.

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Longbarn, in other words, a 30% pay in.... ok, so it must be on the NEW price then... happy with that! it saved my pip and want another just like it! not another bail but another identical crash hat! :)

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Sorted. Paid 30% of purchase price for a new one! THANK YOU SOLOMON CYCLES!!!!!!

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