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RS Sid broken arch


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So I broke the arch of my RS Sid on the weekend at Van Gaalens on that awesome rocky downhill section at the halfway mark. Going over those rocks, and then heard a nice clunck noise. Stop to look and find out the fork arch is broken clean in half. Luckyily I didn't fall off when it happened.


Two questions:

Does insurance cover accidental breakages?

Do I go with a Reba or Fox 32FIT. I want something stiffer, Ive never liked the SID, and 120mm (on a Morewood Zula).



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In answer to your q's...


Yes, insurance should over it, but if you hven't selected the all risks option then you may have a fight on your hands. Likewise, if you haven't specified the bike, or the full value of the bike at its current, new replacement cost, then good luck.


2nd: Reba. More adjustable, cheaper and lighter. Kick ass fork. Or you could go for the revelation, and be totally blown away.

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Also had a SID 120mm never liked it, the Reba is much better IMO, rather get a Fox.

BTW: SID is lighter than the Reba.

The SID was a nightmare to get "dialed" and was very finicky, the Fox is a lot easier to set up and a lot more plush than the RS.

If it is less than a year old, should be a warranty claim, otherwise as cptmahem says, if you have all risk than the insurance will cork for a new one.

Note: All based on my personnel experience.

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Looks more like factory defect or maybe what they term wear n tear - all risks insurance pays out for damage after an actual incident , ie going through the rock garden you miss a gap and fork hits a big rock - bike sustains damage as a result of actual accidental incident. Yours was "happily riding the rock garden , when oh sh1te my crowns bust in two!"


But no harm putting a claim through , reasons for claims paid or denied are rather suspect - whether they like you , if assesor is in good or bad mood , if assessor needs more payouts or less to fufill certain yearly targets in certain categories etc .


Thats why some peoples experieneces are like "geez bru they just paid out no questions asked" while other times its like "it was cut and dried genuine honest bona fida claimable accident damage and I provided all the evidence and they just refused to payout , said it was wear n tear" ........ hahahaha

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Factory defect, happened to a few guys including my brother. Is that a 2010 Red model...?

Yip factory defect for sure happened to my bro on day one of joberg2c this year. RS replaced the lowers for him as the fork was less than 5months old.

Arch broke on the exact same place as the photo. Thought it was a picture of his bike for a second.

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Thanks guys. Nope, the fork is about 5 years old or so, so not under warranty anymore. I will put in a claim though, and see what they say.


I find the SID too much hassle to get it dialed in with the dual air, and it never had the plush feel that my brothers Fox has. I have heard the new Reba and Revalation are much better. So I will I will just shop around and see what deal I can get.

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Ouch - I am on my second Reba and still very happy with it. Food for thought the new RS comes with a solo air cartridge on the reba and sid, making adjusting easier etc, but I must say I have never had the fine tuning issue. What I like about the Reba is set and forget type of fork..

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As for the insurance claim- don't get your hopes up. I'm with Santam and they won't cover that for sure. They're argument is that they will pay for the results of your accident due to the wear and tear- and not the wear and tear itself.


An example: on a hectic section your derailleur hanger snaps and you fall down a 150m ragged rock gorge along with your bike (and survive). They will pay for all the broken parts as result of the broken hanger- but not for that specific part that caused the accident. Quite ironic actually- but i reckon it keeps people from claiming for wear and tear.


Give it a bash anyway, maybe you're luckythumbup1.gif

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