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  1. I do it as follows - this corrects the bicycle used on your Strava profile (there may be another way for Garmin Connect). You create your different Activity Profiles on Garmin: MTB, Road, Gravel, Indoor etc. On Strava you can then link said activity profiles to your different bicycles under "Gear settings". Mine looks as follows: The correct bike is then linked to activity once you've uploaded.
  2. Same here - my package from USA in Sandton for past two weeks. "Pending Customs..."
  3. Plug the unit in your PC and sync with Garmin Express - this will update the satellite data. If this doesn't solve the "acquiring satellites" issue, best to contact Garmin then.
  4. All the tech is droolworthy... E-bike, Flight Attendant and AXS Transmission... WOW!
  5. Hi all, I need some advice - my wife's Tacx Flow Smart doesn't transmit any data. The apps picks up the trainer, but once you start pedalling, nothing happens. I've done a firmware update to no avail. Light flashes blue like it should. Is there a fix or does this seem like a warranty case? (I bought second hand so might be a hassle) T.I.A.
  6. My idea is to have a default bike which is "E-bike" and not MTB/Road/Gravel as currently, and this would then automatically load as an E-bike activity. I've communicated this to Strava before but with no luck yet.
  7. I got one before lockdown, very happy with my purchase. Makes a very consistent coffee. I just need to up my frothing skills, but otherwise solid. Very convenient 5am in the morning.
  8. Hi Rival, I recently got the Fenix 6 Pro, the "black" is not that dark as it seems in the pictures. Before I had the Fenix 5 and a Fenix 3, both non - sapphire, and I'm very impressed with the Fenix 6, it was worth the upgrade for me - maps, music and NFC (contactless payments), sleep measures etc are now on the watch it self which is very nice. I can't comment on sapphire as I never had one before. The Fenix 6X Pro for R9999 is a very good deal imo, Takealot has daily Garmin specials so maybe hang ten a week or two and see if it pops up again?
  9. Very solid, I use it on my MTB and haven't had any problems
  10. I use the Specialized Flux with the GoPro adapter, a very solid combo Light: https://www.specialized.com/za/en/flux-900-headlight/p/156154?color=228739-156154&searchText=49118-1510 GoPro mount: https://www.specialized.com/za/en/flux-900-1200-camera-style-mount/p/170438?color=261680-170438&searchText=49119-9225
  11. What Gerhard said, adjust "trainer difficulty" to be less difficult or even off, should work properly with an MTB https://zwift.com/eu/video/how-to-cycling/adjust-smart-trainer-difficulty . https://zwiftinsider.com/using-the-trainer-difficulty-setting-in-zwift/ (edit/add)
  12. Between the two, around the R350k mark, I'd go for the T-Cross. I'm keen to see the new T-Cross 1.5TSI, as this would be an awesome small car. Having said that, if you look at the more expensive T-Cross Highline, I'd also consider a Tiguan Trendline.
  13. If you by any chance have a Specialized saddle, this could work too: https://www.specialized.com/za/en/direct-mount-reserve-rack/p/155838?color=229243-155838
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