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Shimano PD-M540 Technical Query


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Hi Hubbers


i am hoping someone here has some assistance for me. I have a pair of shimano spd-m540 pedals. i have removed the shaft from the pedal, i have replaced the bearings but in the alu faster/thread part there is some play, is this normal as i thought the play was my bearings.


I have attached the pdf, the part i am referring to is label no. 2


please help if anyone is familiar with theses pedals.


Thanks Guys

Shimano EV-PD-M540-2234_v1_m56577569830608616.pdf

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I have never replaced bearings on a spd pedal. Some of mine are 8 years old. What happened?? To service the pedal, you simply remove the axel (leave bearings in place), wash, pack the pedal shell with grease and push the axel back in.


Excess grease and dirt squirts out as the clean grease cannot escape from the shell.


The bearings have minimal play.

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Have you snugged the nut up on the shaft? If its the same as the M20's then its a number 10 and a number 7 (I think) spanner. Just loosen the top nut, tighten down ever so slightly and tighten up the lock nut. That cyclindrical part between the two sets of bearings (between the number 3's on the exploded view) should still be able to move freely though.


I have also never replaced bearings and one set of M520's is going on for 4 years and well over 20,000km on it! I just grease them up every few months like BMX'er above explains.

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Never heard of anybody servicing Shimano SPD's...

I stupidly took the whole lot apart a few years back, I think its about 24 tiny BB's in that pedal setup! What a PITA to get them all back, then I read about just putting fresh grease into the pedal shell and reassembling so the old dirty grease gets forced out. Lifesaver!

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