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Energade and Water - how long can it last in a camelpack

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I mixed up a batch last weekend and then got a breakdown at work and never saw my bike whole week.


Can I safely use it tomorrow again or does it go stale/ off?


And yes, I do turn my pennies a few times before spending them.

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Guest Latent Blue

In the fridge id drink it anytime...


But out of the fridge you will have bacterial growth in under 6hours... over 24h a big no-no... especially will all that sugar as growth medium!

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i'm sure there's enough preservatives in there to keep it OK, but do you really want to run that risk while out riding and nowhere near ablution facilities?

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Drink ! Drink! Drink! If you crap in your pants halfway through the ride you know it was off.

Then you can warn others of the perils of drinking stale energy drink and in the process win some respect points!

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The reason being?


Because the "purists" think its uncool


Thanks - tossed it just in case I hit 40 km of 60 on the Slanghoek tomorrow and get the squirts as mentioned above.


stop being a miser James


This is why you should keep TP in your hydration pack ;)

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