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  1. Agreed I had 730 on my hardball on the advice wide wide wide, ended up cutting it to 710. Happy as a pig in ...
  2. Is there specific limitations on lefty? Bike dude told her can't raise the stem. Can't spacers be added?
  3. Her stem is already quite short but yeah maybe she can try Stack it up too. Maybe go to a specialist bike fit place instead of LBS.
  4. Maybe this should be a wanted ad, but asking for a friend, she's been for a bike fit but still not winning. It's a new for her bike, and she's experiencing neck/shoulder being, her reach seems a tad too stretched out so I've suggested slightly narrower bars and maybe something with back sweep. Not a noob she's been riding about 10yrs. What's the chances someone has something lying around in that box if things that they'd be willing to let her try out different options? Joburg based. Cheers.
  5. I made the post in case it should help someone. If my bikes ever get stolen I'd rather someone try provide info than be PC and say nothing. You do you.
  6. Saw 2 guys pushig bikes across lever road/old place road down towards Vorna Valley way. One was a fatt bike one a hardtail possibly Silverback. Balck and red/orange. I'm not sure if this helps but I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to save your babies
  7. Let me drop this here. In support of Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue. Free delivery in SA. Purchase tickets online And if you're in Joburg on Friday 24th they're having a spit braai to raise funds as well.
  8. General medical aid query. I'm currently a principal member on a health plan but my ex will take over and I want ti get my own policy. Do I need to reapply as a new applicant or is there a way all my historical data can be transferred that I can bypass all the hoops and tests etc? Anyone know?
  9. Doing a weekend away in the area - Parys / Vredefort Dome area and the only riding at our accomodation is 6km and they want R150 even for guests that are staying there. Would consider extending my stay in the area to take my bike along and keen to get in max 30km distance on easy /intermediate type off road riding during the week. I've seen https://www.koedoeslaagte.com/ but they seem to only be open on weekends
  10. Hey fellow dog lovers I'm putting this here as it's urgent and for a friend. If anyone can at least help with fostering. Unfortunately all family members live in complexes and there's nowhere for the dog to go.
  11. Size 8 Used #notFlat Free to whoever needs it Collect in edenvale or R100 to postnet.
  12. Previously managed to buy some off someone that mailed it to us and got it to propagate nicely. I have silver dollars and they eat absolutely everything but the moss if it takes should be fine. Give the bottom feeder types something to do.
  13. Does any body have some Java moss snippings lying around that i can get my hands on to do some propagating?
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