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Bottle cage music player


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Saw (and heard) a chap in the Jacaranda Sateliite BM group with one of these on his bike (very anoying to listen to someone else's music, I know). But excellent idea for a kid.


Any idea where Ican get one?

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Weatherproof Wireless Portable Speaker

Part Number: BTBTLG


$139.99 :thumbdown:



Out of stock :thumbup:

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Yeah, soon we'll have kids attaching a dstv drifta to their handlebar because the riding is just so boring without any entertainment.

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I know some people love their music but what they tend to forget is we don't all love the same thing ...personally I love the sound of the wind in my ears the thrum of the tyres on the ground the swoosh of the super fit guy on the 100k bike going past me. Also I feel one should be in tune with your bike know all its little clatters and clunks if you're riding listening to music you wont hear your gears grinding or your brakes squealing and finaly when I am up on the mountain i went there for peace and quiet, to get away from the the general noise of the city not to listen to what someone else thinks is cool music. just my R5 worth...

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