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Hi All


I need some help on which one i should buy.


The Felt is currently being sold for around R17k at bike shops and have Ultegra front and rear derailers.


The Argon is being sold for around R21k and has Shimano 105's on it.


Which one will be the better buy in the long run ?


I do all the 5150's and will be doing 70.3 in Jan and plan is to do full Ironman in 2015.


I weigh around 80kg's and i am about 6 foot 2 to 3 (not sure actually lol).

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Another important consideration is the wheelset that comes with each bike.


In my experience ultegra is much better than 105, which tells me to go for Felt, With a R4k saving you have a better groupset and you can afford a wheelset upgrade to something more aero.

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both are good frames,


so as Red zone said go for the better ultegra setup and use the 4k saving towards a set of deep section carbon wheels or an ISM saddle !!


I've been on a Felt B16 since 2011, done two IMSA, four half IM distance races and Long Dist World Champs and still happy with my setup. I upgraded my crank to a carbon FSA and tri-bars to Uberhund during that time.

My mate is on an ARGON and has had no complaints at all.


Try get a test ride on both bikes, that might also help you choose.



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The right bike for you is not necessarily the right bike for someone else. Both are good frames. The components have an effect on weight which in triathlon is largely irrelevant.


The frames will have a length and height. ie Can be narrow lengthways and tall heightwise or three other combinations or somewhere in between. Depending on your personal geometry, long torso, short legs or otherwise, a frame will be the best for you.


If you go to www.slowtwitch.com and root around the reviews, you will get some details on these frames. Bear in mind that the year of manufacture could make a difference to the frame geometry.


Some of this can be tailored with setup and changing of stems etc. But if you have a long torso with a narrow bike and a moerse long stem, your steering is going to be all over the place. Give yourself some deep wheels and a strong crosswind and you may visit the bushes.


Obviously all the contact points (bars and saddle) can be changed but that may change your total investment significantly. Just plain physical comfort is also very important if you want to stay aero for six hours.


So do your research for your body shape.


Or you can do like the rest of us did and go for the one with the best paint job.

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Hi there


My advice is to get a second hand TT bike. Best value for money as the second hand market sucks....


Just consider what is out there and compare. Go look now on the Hub's classifieds....

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I wouldnt touch the Argon with a 10ft pole. Went all out and got an E118 a year ago and had so many issue with the bike (slipping seatpost, swiveling base bar, drop outs on the forks being skew etc etc) I took it back for a full refund.


Check out the new Cervelo P2s, they are also in that price bracket and you cant go wrong with them.

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I was happy with my E112. Did both half and full IM's on it as well as a number of duathlons.

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