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Internally Geared 3 Speed Hubs


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Why are these not more available in ZA? I took mine out for its virgin spin this morning and was suitably impressed. It looks as cool as a single speed but much more practical and low maintenance too. I used the Sturmey Archer 3 Speed which I purchased over the net from St Johns Cycles in the UK and installed it myself after getting the wheels build by Dr George from Mean Machine in Germiston. I see SRAM have a 2 speed IGH too that would make for interesting riding given the right chainring and cog.


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Main thing is people is scared of gearboxes or these hubs. You get more than 3 speed;) I prefer the frame mounted versions.



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I had a 3 speed cruiser when I was a kid then I had a another bike also with a three speed ..those things a just about indestructible. They also hardly ever need maintenance they were fantastic. One day when I have some money I will build up a 3 speed bike again.. how much was that SA by the way?

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