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Must agree with the guys that the park tool manual and the tool box helps in the sense that you can get threw the basics and a bit more. recently myself and the wife went on a mechanic/tool talk that was run by cycle lab little falls and besides what I know already it was informative and learnt more. The mechanic Craig Walker seems to know the ins and outs of road and mtb pretty well. Give him a call on 011 958 1111 and maybe you can set up a one on one with him with your own bike


craig knows a lot. He is the only oke that will touch my bike

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Just PM me your emaill address and I'll share the dropbox folder with you

And this applies to anyone else interested


Was thinking of keeping this updated by adding more recent manuals for example Fox shocks, would you mind if we added manuals to your folder or would you prefer we don't? Just thinking it could be a great way to share what we all have and keep your folder up to date :thumbup:

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