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Converting (3 by 9 )to (2 by 9)


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Hi guys, need some advice.

Is it possible to convert my 3 speed front derailer and shifter to work with only 2 chainrings.

I know i would have to change the limit screws and thats.i So is it possible to keep my current front derrailer and shifter and use them for a 2 by 9 setup.

Thanks !

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Yes, adjust the limit screws so that it doesn't overshoot to where the missing chainring is. (Or isn't)

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If you are only wanting to use your middle 32t and big 44t rings.

Step 1. Shift your front derailleur in to the middle ring. This will allow the limit screw to more freely as it wont be under pressure.

Step 2. If your derailleur's design alows and the limit screw is long enough adjust the "L" low screw clockwise as far as it will go or till in extreme cases starts moving the front derailleur towards the big ring.

Step 3. release the gear cable from the front derailleur.

Step 4. If your limit screw does not allow this due to it's short length physically pull the derailleur outward by hand using the derailleur cage and place a object between the derailleur and the down tube of your frame. I find the handle of a screw driver to work well. Adjust this using bigger or smaller objects or by shifting the screw driver's handle vertically up and down slightly. The aim is to get the inner side of the derailleur cage as close to the chain as possible without touching it.

Step 5. Now pull the slack out the gear cable and tighten it. This little trick has now made your 1st gear on the shifter the middle ring on the crank and the 2nd gear on the shifter the big ring so you will only need the first two shifts and the 3rd won't be usable due to the H limit on the derailleur.

Step 6. Small adjustments can now be made using the barrel adjustment on the shifter. This whole process might take abit of trial and error but it gets rid of the slack in the cable for the 1st shift if only the limit screw was adjusted. This system also works in reverse it you only require the small 22t and middle 32t rings.


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