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Re-threading cranks and pedals


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Hi guys


I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get my crank and pedal holes *re-threaded.


I got a really old bike from my uncle and want to turn it into an SS using as many of the original parts as possible. Problem is he loaned it to my younger cousin who decided to strip it and try reassemble it not knowing what he was doing.


I have attached the pictures of the crank as well as one of the pedal holes.


If you know someone or can do it please let me know.









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The cost of fixing that is more than the crank is worth - pm me - I have a crank that is the same as that - come collect it sometime.

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I had my crank done at Johann Bornman from Yellow saddle but he has recently left the country I believe? Perhaps try the new Cyclelab Mega store on William Nicol as I believe Johann trained some of the guys there before leaving?

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The pedal threads are easy enough, there's a special helicoil insert for cranks. You're looking at about R200 a side though.


The thread for the extractor is toast though. Take V12 up on his offer.

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