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Man van Staal - cycling after a stent implant


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I also had a similar/related issue (Bradychardia, heart rate went as low as 25bpm) and had a pacemaker put in last year (age 30). I was surprised how little info there was on the net regarding cycling with a pacemaker or heart issues. My cardio said it would be ok, just as long as it wasn't too bumpy( I love technical riding). I have since started riding more regularly and progressively riding more technical terrain and am now the fittest I have ever been. Going out almost too hard and having decent recovery has actually worked for me and I have lost nearly 11kgs from a weight where I thought I was slim and trim.


My goal this year is to do the Berg and Bush, as well as a couple of top 10's in our local northern kzn MTB races.


Its good to read of other experiences and I think to arm oneself with as much information as possible is important. One should also bear in mind that the best info would come from your doctor and not the internet and that a specific diagnosis may have many variables in between.


In my case, the Niner bikes slogan of "pedal damn it" simplified things for me, as in my mind (with due reason) I had complicated things but in the end, I just needed to pedal damn it!

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I have done ecg's before (resting as well as stressed on a treadmill.......... for insurance policies) and everytime I was cleared and there were no problems.

At 40 I decided to go to a Cardiologist for a routine checkup. This time I demanded a angiogram. My reason for this was that I am 40 and want a proper test done. I also heard rumours that the ECG'S does not always shows all.......... Not knowing at the time that it is quite a painfull procedure !


I have a family history of heart attacks on my father's side. My cholestrol was never too high and I never had high blood-pressure and I never ever smoked in my live ! My dad had all of above ! So I did not expect any problems!

I was about 10 kg over weight and my livestyle was not too active since my knees were buggered from my rugby days.


Well, the long and the short of my story is that I walked out of the hospital two days later with 5 Stents en my heart.......inherited cholestrol count way too high ! They considered a by-pass but they felt that I was young enough to rather go for stents. Arteries has to be blocked at least 75% and more, before they will put in Stents.


The moral of the story is if you know that there is heart conditions in your family make sure you check yourself out.


I was lucky, no heart damage and still no high blood pressure. I started mtb after this episode- changed my livestyle, get active and loose some weight. (and regular check-ups)


I ride my mtb as hard as I can as often as I can for the last 6 years. Riding gave me reasurance that I will be fine ! Instead of being scared not to push myself too hard. (obviously everything I do is in moderation and in balance, without being irrisponsible !)My doctor told me to live a full live and not to hold back.


Check yourself out ! It is in the interest of your family !!

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Amen Farmbike!


Get yourself checked out AND control your cholesterol, ie go on statins (anti-cholestrol meds) sooner rather than later.


If I wasn't so "clever" I'd have gone on to statins 8 years sooner and maybe avoided an MI altogether.


And remember the daily small dose of aspirin!

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Firstly a warning, they call it the beach cause it has sand and fact - fat guys on mtbs sink into it rather quickly - weather is a little dodge here in Stuis but it was great to get out on the bike this am!


Read the thread for the first time in quite a while and I was really touched by the candid replies i will remember that the kakest thing for me was to lie in the hospital ward with a bunch of guys that are at least late fifties (no offense nor taking anything away from anyone - peace and love:) and for the nurses first comment to be wow but you are young. Shame is a nasty thing and I felt deeply ashamed by my weakness - typical south african male.


Not looking for a Dr Phil moment here, but guys it really does make a difference to hear other 'young' guys stories! It certainly makes me feel well ... less lonely - which is awesome! Yes us MI survivors will always have a subconscious tinge but I also believe that if embraced it can actually turn into a very positive life affirming reality.


Here is to a 2014 a new year and no doubt a good start to many many more.


I absolutely 100% agree that internet diagnosis and treatment is a BAD idea but given the scant medical 'feedback' one gets I will let you know ho it goes after the appointment with the non invasive cardio.

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