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A noob buying a bike...


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...so after many years are toil, I have finally got the cash together to buy a bike.


Now, that sounds all good and well, but I only have R6k to spend.


So I've been searching high low, for new and old models. And I managed to find two offers that are well worth looking at.


The first is a Momsen AL029 and the second, a GT Timberline 1.0. The Momsen costing R6k and the GT costing R5k.


Both are 29ers and both have hydraulic discs. The Momsen has SRAM sets, while the GT has Shimano. Both are 24-Speed.


I've decided to go for the GT, purely on price, and based on the reasoning that there is very little difference between the two.


Have I made the right decision?

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The fork on the GT seems nicer, but the brakes on the Momsen are better, but like you say, they are quite similar. As long as you enjoy riding it :)

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Hope you enjoy your new bike.


Both seem to be good choices for the budget you are aiming at.


Also remember you will have to buy some pedals/shoes, and a helmet if you don't have one, so it adds up quickly.


Another good bike in this segment will be the Fuji Nevada 1.0, check out Solomons for a deal. It has 10 speed Shimano Deore with an XT rear der.

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