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  1. Don’t leave home without my Glock, best friend I’ve ever had.
  2. have dealt with him, super professional.
  3. they ride Saturdays and Sundays from the intersection by mall of the south. you will find lots of guys that do weekday rides.
  4. how about you go first and we will all follow, start by stopping you family from breeding. We waiting..
  5. happy to see that some people here know whats best for me! how about you stay home till nobody dies and i will get on with it? SA is still a democracy, how about we try to preserve that? never be afraid to be the one who stands against thousands.
  6. lots of groups. MTB look up the DOCS road Albion wheelers there's lots of spin off groups from those. I know about a Tuesday morning ride and Wednesday afternoon and night ride.
  7. Can’t wait to hit the trails and have all these specialized bikes all over the place.
  8. Make sure u ride in groups of 4 plus and it’s a good time to gun up. With lockdown costing millions of jobs I think we gonna see a escalation in crime.
  9. If u looking for a epic trail bike that can XC, wait for the Evil following V3 coming soon to SA. I don’t think the evo comes close to Evil on trail bikes. If u want a pure XC racer then specialized all day long.
  10. There’s a frame set in the classifieds for a EVO. If u prepared to build up, black with red piping.
  11. This thread is the best thing going on the hub, while the Mask SJW thread is everything that is wrong with the hub. Gonna post a add later, really hope to get a mention here, bike will be a non epic finisher.
  12. This is when u know, “I’ve run out of ideas”
  13. I remember this, along with some guy who wanted to buy them pizza... sure he feels like a d*ck rider now.
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