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litter at northern farm


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Angry aargh! how stupid can some people be? i refuse to call them mtb'ers.... some #$%^&* left a tube lying on the ground in northern farm this morning (or at least that is when michH and i found it).


we are afforded a priveledge of a nice safe place to go mtb and then people abuse it. northern farm is a working farm and a bird sanctuary so littering is not just illegal and moronic but also a danger to the animals on the farm. i have no clue how many people just rode past it till we came along, but we stopped and removed it.


(just had to get that off my mind!)
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Hi Slowpoke


Well done for removing the discarded tube.


Shame on the ass who left it there in the first place.




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Had the same thing at Groenkloof a few weeks back, but that was a energy bar wrapper.




like the americans say: No one gets left behind!

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