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Goverment not doing what it is suppose to do!!!!!!


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For starters nobody is enforcing the laws of the road.


Friends were hit by a car busy overtaking into the yellow lane. The drivers driver license expired and the license for his car expired. The car's tyres are smooth and the shocks should have been replaced 200 000 km ago.


In the case that  the authorities did their jobs and applied the law this car would not have been on the road and the driver will not use the emergency lane for overtaking.


If officials were not corrupt the thousand of drivers driving with fake drivers licenses and without a license wouldbe much less. Do you ever see thes things checked at the same ratio at which speed traps are held?


See the article below.


More than 50 000 motorists in the Western Cape are driving with expired driver's licences, the provincial Transport Department has revealed, prompting threats of a crackdown by law enforcement and insurance companies.

The provincial traffic department's manager of traffic administration, Catherina Chesworth, said the number of invalid licences was likely to grow because motorists were unhappy about standing in long queues at traffic centres, while others just had an "I don't care" attitude.

The outstanding renewals, which stood at 52 825 on Saturday, date back to October and could spiral in the next few months if the trend continued, she warned.



< =1.1 ="http://adsrv.iol.co.za/adz/getAd.php?ord=708596788&pos=SquarLAV&site=12&section=13&undefined">

Chesworth said only three-quarters of the 200 000 licences due for renewal had been renewed.

Of the 81 462 licences that were due for renewal in February and the first half of March, 37 000 motorists had so far failed to renew theirs. In January, 9 279 of the 25 863 motorists that were due for a licence renewal had failed to do so.

In addition, more than 6 000 drivers had not renewed their licences between October and December.

"The same attitude that we had with the conversion of driver's licences from the ID to the credit-card-type licences is what we are experiencing with renewals now. People don't seem to care and don't realise the importance of renewing them.

"They'll probably start worrying when they are threatened with law enforcement again.

"But we also need to be honest about the situation at our traffic centres. People really don't want to stand in long queues just to renew a licence. This is a very serious situation we are facing," she said.

'People really don't want to stand in long queues'
Though the city was looking at shortening queueing times at traffic centres by opening a dedicated centre that would deal only with licence renewals, it has promised to crack down on defaulting motorists in the meantime.

Cape Town traffic spokesperson Searle Johannes said the city could not rule out arrests and hefty fines.

"It is a legal requirement to have a valid driver's licence at all times. You can be arrested and prosecuted if you don't have a valid licence. It's a very serious matter... we can even prohibit you from driving further if you transgress traffic laws," he said.

Johannes said the city's traffic operations for the Easter weekend would also be targeting motorists without licences.

Brian Martin, the ombudsman for short-term insurance, said failure to renew a driver's licence could have serious implications and could compromise insurance claims.

"Most insurance policies require a driver to be in possession of a valid driver's licence. Failure to have this could compromise your claim," he said.

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Imagine a world where it would be actually EASY for law abiding citizens to obtain their licenses......Say online....


Or if you go to the offices, it will not take 4 hours out of your day....


THEN these figures will go down......or so I suspect....


But then again......if not even our own GNC is able to maintain a website.....how can government do it.......???!!!!???!!!!


Just a thought..........Big%20smile
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Imagine a world where it would be actually EASY for law abiding citizens to obtain their licenses......Say online....



Law abiding citizens aren't the problem. When last have you seen a taxi driver at your nearest internet cafe getting his license...
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"Goverment not doing what it is suppose to do!!!!!!"

Couldn't agree more, it seems that the number of pubic holidays we get is more important than the real issues!!!!

Here is another example of lack of law enforcing that greets me every morning on my way to work smiley7.gif






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Guest Big H

Go and live in Lagos and see what happens when law and order finally disappears. There is nobody left who knew waht law was and how it was applied. total anarchy reighs on the road with nobody worrying about law.

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I had a double whammy of "Africa strikes back" today.

Electricity was out (so what is new?), so earlier I had to drive all the way to Illovo from Rivonia just to get a take-away burger.


Now that wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for all the bl00dy "Code 10" drivers on the roads.  What is a "Code 10" might you ask...  Well they generally look and behave exactly like taxi drivers, but drive all sorts of regular cars.


-They don't stop at intersections where the lights are out.

-They don't keep to the right lanes.

-The purpose of hazard lights on their vehicles is to warn you that they are in the process of doing the illogical.


Phuck I'm frustrated!
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This is SA boela - the Deep' date=' Dark Southern Tip of Africa where  nobody gives a damn and the laws dont apply to us.


[/quote'] Unless of course they wish to "police" first world problems!!  I had a couple of Wayne Minnaar's goons arrive in our area fining residences that had building rubble on the pavements. Numerous folks are improving their homes and as such the building process creates a mess but ultimately it dosen't bother me as a neighbour because the ultimate prize is a better area. The goons were suddenly most preturbed with the cleanliness of our suburb whilst the filth of Chinatown lies no more than 2 km away and Sodom & Gomorrah CBD a further 10 kays away!! They are nothing more than f&$cking incompetant scum out looking for a pay off!!
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Umh, who is going to vote in the next elections?


Who are members of the community police forum?


who are police reservists?


who has done community service such as help (physical precence required) at sunday schools, boy scouts ext?


who has organised a neighbourhood watch system lately?


who has been TOTALY honest about their tax returns?


who has complained to their local councillors or MPs?


who has written formal complaints to newspapers and the local municipality?


who actually makes a point to watch out for children on foot (going to school)?


when the government fails (either local or national) it is important to fill the void. THis is where real power comes from. organise locally, act locally, focus nationally.


For those with a looooooong memory: do you remember "no-go zones"?


well make your street a no-go zone for undesireable elements like wayne minaar and bobby mcbride.




end of revolutionary warfare 101. lesson 1

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