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Warning to all lido route riders in the south


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On Sunday morning I was cycling the <?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Lido route in the south when an armed man jumped out and stopped me at gun point and demanded money, which I did not have he then proceed to check my pockets and took my cell phone. This happen along the R550.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Please be careful when cycling that area and do not go cycle alone cycle in a group.

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Ewep are there safer routes in the south than the Lido if you are not with a group as you can not always be in time for a group ride, also What are the different times and from where do the groups leave as I normally ride with the 7:00 o clock group that leaves from the cnr of klipriver and Swartkopies and they follow the Lido route?
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virunga, for LSDs not really.  If I ride alone I go down past Nampak (the steppes) out towards Meyerton and back (about 60km ride).  Most of the times though we ride in a small bunch (2-4 guys).


I don't know of any other LSD groups that go out at that time.  BigBen them go out at 05:00 - 05:00, we usually go out at 06:00.


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I have been using the Lido route for about 20 years and have never personally experienced any problems. I have however heard of many incidents.


I however don't ever ride it alone and am extremely fortunate that my brother and I always ride together (without fail!). We don't ride a set weekend ride as it depends on what we are racing on the weekend so can't really help with group rides. e.g. This past Saturday we did ride the Lido route but very easy (avs +-27) because we rode the Albion Wheelers TT in the afternoon and were riding the Northern Farm MTB race yesterday.


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