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Epoh meets Bjarne Riis!


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Bjarne Riis met up with me earlier today to offer me a contract but I obviously had to turn it down because I am already cycling for the best team in the world Big%20smile

On a more serious note Bjarne is not the best speaker when it comes to talking to the public/press and did not have much to say. Ironically he looked a bit exhausted from talking to the press before coming to the event. He talked a bit about his team and gave a few reasons why he believes they are so successful etc. If you have seen the documentary Overcoming you will know all about what Bjarne believes in etc.


Andrew asked Bjarne a couple of good questions...On Basso he did not say anything but said he hopes to make a public anouncement very soon.


Andrew joked with him and said that he should sign Robbie and Ryan and in reply Bjarne said that he has been talking to them over the last few month's.


CSC will be training in Cape Town in December and they are bringing all their staff and riders over here, 74 people in total. I reckon it is good publicity for our country to have the best cycling team in the world training here and for everyone including Cyclelab who negotiated the deal and opened Bjarne Riis to South Africa, well done Clap


Finally, Epoh and Bjarne Riis!




epoh2006-10-16 15:11:50
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From Cyclingnews.com:

Team CSC head to South Africa

ProTour outfit Team CSC has announced it will head to South Africa for

a 10-day visit during December. The trip will be used as a team building

exercise ahead of the 2007 season and also see the outfit announce its

2007 rider lineup during its stay in Cape Town "South Africa is a

perfect destination for team building and training," explained team

manger Bjarne Riis. "You have world-class facilities and accommodation,

fantastic roads and cycling terrain and an ideal climate. You also have

a very passionate local cycling following whom we believe will be excited

to have Team CSC in the country."

The team is also offering 100 cyclists the chance to interact with the

team's 30 riders and 40 support staff during a three-day package ride

commencing December 8. "We believe Team CSC's visit to South Africa

will inspire South African cyclists of all races to achieve international

success," added Team CSC's managing director of South African operations

Martin Vergunst. "It is our intention is to use Team CSC's visit

to boost local talent by giving our local CSC cyclists and other talented

riders the opportunity to learn from the world's top team."


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Guest colonel

Camp Staaldraat? Or is it because WADA doesnt come this far to do tests??

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WADA doesnt come this far to do tests??


I think I remember the t-mobile guys getting out of competition drug tests while they were staying in somerset west last year..
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So its really happening..Big%20smile.I spoke ( E-MAIL ) to Troels at CSC and he mentioned this to me a while back.. The 3day package ? Has anyone spoken to Anthony at Match about this...I figure the 3day package will cost you a arm and leg..Cry

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