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Stanchion okay?

Hello Ruan

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Hey guys,

I am looking at getting a new fork and already have my eyes set on one but the fork does have some marks on the one stanchion. It is at a bike shop and I was told these are fine and wouldn't be an issue.

But could they possibly be an issue or become an issue? From what I can tell it looks like they are fine but you know I want to be extra sure.



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Looks like little chips should not be able to notice that when riding or cause any issues. If it's a great price I would say go for it if it's a average price I would look for 1 without marks.

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They shouldn't be an issue.

If they have sharp edges and can damage your dust wipers and seals then I would be worried. They also higher up on the stanchion. Use it as a bargaining tool.

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