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I run and cycle but have had a lot of pain at the back of my knee since July. Last run oN 2 Sept - just too sore and very swollen. Have had lots of physio. Eventually orthopod, xrays and MRI. He said the patella is skew and will operate in 5 years or so. Have a bakers cyst, he wasn’t concerned. I tried to cycle but with the swelling and pain haven’t even tried to run. Went back today and had a cortisone injection and booked for a scope in Jan. Hopefully I won’t need the scope.


But what now? How do you run the recovery? When to start exercising? I have read everything I can find and the advice ranges from nothing for 48 hours to 5 days to 10 days.


Any ideas?

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The advice from Dexter is the best you can get. I recently suffered with Achilles tendonitis, later diagnosed as tendonosis and painkillers and Cortisone helped me to stay on the bike. I then slipped on a ladder and snapped the tendon completely. This is a six month healing and rehab process, all because I never followed the advice to let it heal properly and was impatient. I know its a bit different to a knee problem but your body needs time out to heal.

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