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  1. Thanks, you are quite right it is 12mm, Vernier problem. I will sout around.
  2. I have a wheel with a Hope rear hub 15mm Thru axle that I would like to convert to take a Quick release system. Are there adapters that will enable this? What are the important criteria for this.
  3. I suffered with gout for years, no matter how fit I was ( At the time I was a Comrades runner). I developed unsightly Tophis all over my joints and often had to have my knees aspirated to remove liquid. Many late night trips to find a cortisone cocktail frustrated me. I eventually forced myself to take a daily dose of Puricross and a single anti inflammatory. I then began following the Low Carb high fat diet and cut alcohol out other than the occasional glass or two of wine. After losing 22kgs and sticking to the Puricross I have been clear for more than 4 years. Even the Tophis have reduced to little more than a small lump here and there. My protein intake is quite high but what I still steer clear of is breads, pastrys, fizzy cooldrinks, sugar and sadly beer.
  4. I have Shimano Hydraulic brakes that are giving me the squeal treatment. The pads are still in good condition and the Icetek rotors are not scarred or showing any wear. ( The bike has not worked too hard) I went through the process of cleaning everything with alchohol and I also lightly sanded the pads and the rotor surfaces. The rotors don't appear to be "warped" and I check the equal clearance when remounting the wheel. Is there anything I might have missed? One thing, the bike hung in a garage for a few years and I did give it a good clean before using.
  5. An update on my Achilles Rupture. I am happy to say that I am back into riding for 3 months now and other than a bit of weakness in the right leg I have no other side effects. As soon as I could I started with a program at Virgin Active, concentrating on the damaged leg and it took a while to improve but I could feel the internal scar tissue breaking down over a number of weeks and now it is back to normal. The great advice I received from this forum was invaluable, especially regarding circulation around the damage. For this I use a compression type support and after a session the evidence of circulation improvement can be seen and felt. With regards to the antibiotic effect, I was treated heavily for an infection before the event and it does appear as if GP's are now much more aware of the potential effect. I now won't touch the stuff. Patience and good advice coupled with discipline are the key factors I believe.
  6. Good luck, Follow the rehab protocol and most of all, be patient! I am in week 7 after the cast removal and I am back in gym but following the suggested exercise routine with focus on stationary cycling. This is apparently excellent to also improve circulation around the ankle and tendon. Say goodbye to your calf, but in time it starts coming back. Good luck.
  7. I can't unfortunately but it was one of those broad range types.
  8. Thanks for your excellent advice. I will be following up on issues such as set up and setings. The physio I worked with was very good and the rehab is going well, but at a controlled( ) pace. I was fortunately quite fit when the problem developed and this has helped. Regards, Graham.
  9. I had tendonitis for 2 months before the rupture and was taking Cataflam on and off and Flexadrin. I took some visitors on a hike up the mountain and the condition worsened to the point where I couldn't ride. I was painting at home and slipped on a ladder which then caused the tendon to rupture.I was on anti biotics in september, one month before the rupture for flu.
  10. I ruptured my Achilles tendon in October which necessitated surgery, 7 weeks in casts and now weeks(Months) of rehab excercises. What is the general opinion about getting back on a bike. My healing is going very well, I am walking quite comfortably but my lost calf is still in hiding. I have been told that I should look at 6 months from the date of the surgery. Already suffering major withdrawal symptoms.
  11. The advice from Dexter is the best you can get. I recently suffered with Achilles tendonitis, later diagnosed as tendonosis and painkillers and Cortisone helped me to stay on the bike. I then slipped on a ladder and snapped the tendon completely. This is a six month healing and rehab process, all because I never followed the advice to let it heal properly and was impatient. I know its a bit different to a knee problem but your body needs time out to heal.
  12. All cleared up, apparently the bike was being test ridden after being worked on in a home based workshop. The original information was sketchy when put out on the Crime Prevention forums and that is how I got it. At least a good ending to this.
  13. OK it turns out that this was all in order, the bike was out being tested after being in a home based workshop. The picture and info was sent out to community based crime prevention forums without much detail asking for help in "identifying" the bike. At least a good ending to this and not another statistic.
  14. This info was sent to our local NW but the areas covered are the Constantia Valley Watches Asociation - Susan 0217943367.
  15. This person was apprehended in Bergvliet this morning with this bike. No other detail other than it has been reported to all of the local Neighbourhood watches and crime prevension organisations in the area.
  16. I was attacked by one of these coming off Bloemenice a few months ago, hit me with some force a couple of times.
  17. Especially if you are going dome tent. The extra half meter makes a difference with the sloping sides.
  18. Great article, answers an often pondered question. I am converting a nine speed, triple chainring to a 10 speed chain and cassette. ( Plus shifters and so on) Any comments?
  19. Thanks for that, I had my doubts because of the position of the crack. I always used to joke about my "Nukeproof" bike.
  20. Thanks, how can I get hold of him?
  21. Was shocked to discover this crack in my 10 year old Lynskey frame. Is this worth trying to repair? I use the bike mainly for urban and some gravel riding. Does anybody know of someone in Cape Town who might do this?
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