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Open letter to the guy in the....Specialized SWAT bibs Yes or No?


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Been looking at these for a while to use on the MTB.


Got a couple of pairs of the normal Spez bibs and find very comfy on long rides, hoping for the same with these.


Couldn't find anything in the search so assuming all good?


Any of you that use them have any issues or bad experiences?



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I use them and love them. Does everything a quality bib should do and has the benefit of additional storage. I mainly use the back pockets and have everything up to and including a water bottle in there.


1 out of 1 would recommend

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I too am a fan, all I use and not necessarily for the storage. The thin chamois suits me nicely.


Added bonus of these (or any other bib under baggies) is that when you fall and they get holes in them you don’t care. My oldest pair had a bad fall, that was two years ago and still going strong.


Baggies are much more repairable than bibs.

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Lekker bibs. Get them. Ride them. Love them.

I love riding in a loose shirt without pockets, having my phone and keys in my bib's pocket means I an sorted.

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