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Bike packing the wild coast.

Davo 95

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Hey Team, I was wo dering if anyone has any experience travelling through the transkei and wild coast.

I'm looking at bike packing from port st John's to Morgan Bay.

Ideally I'd like to keep my route as coastal as possible and not have to constantly swing inland, anyone out there with any knowledge or topos for the tracks running through the wild coast, is it possible to keep my riding along the coast through trails and jeep tracks?


Thanks in advance, any info is greatly appreciated.

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I have investigated it previously and talked to a few of the locals at Umngazi and Port St. Johns.


Their advice was not to do it alone. Rather in a convoy with a support vehicle. Seems like the area is relatively safe and the people are friendly, but there is really shortcomings in terms of cellphone signal if you get lost or hurt. There is very little jeep track, so you will have to negotiate the hundreds of cattle tracks, which sometimes lead to dead ends.


Just remember that you will mostly cycle through the informal villages, and they are quite inland on the escarpment. So if you want to go to the beach, you will have a steep climb back up.


Still, it is on my bucket-list!

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My findings are exactly the same as those of Jan-Jan.

Except, there are many hills and lots of them and even more.


Rather hike it with mates.  Fantastic!

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Thanks for the reply guys. The safety issues in terms of signal etc will have to be considered, fortunately tely nowadays we have the tech for Offline maps and navigators, however the signal and communication would be an issue regarding injury etc.


I am appealed to biking rather than hiking, but at the end of the day it'll be beautiful either way.

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I wouldn't do it on my own, and I'd start at Umngazi just south of PSJ. It is doable, the first day though it's best to go inland a bit. I've ridden up the coast to Umngazi, and WilDL has ridden from Coffee Bay, a far better starting point imo. It is a great, beautiful and very friendly area.


You would have to get permits to ride through Dwesa/Cwebe and Hluleka, if you start at PSJ.


I've ridden a lot in the southern areas, and find it fairly safe, but, you never know what might happen. Sleep at hotels, or you may find your stuff stolen.

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I've done it from Morgan Bay to Coffee Bay, and it was an amazing adventure. A support vehicle is handy, but I don't think it is a necessity if you're super organised.


Echoing the above - you do need permits for Dwesa.


And we did the hotel option - our support vehicle would meet us each evening, often after having a tougher day out there than we had on the bikes :)


If you need any tips and hints (or backup and support), contact Cape Cycle Tours http://capecycletours.com/

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