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Tape width required to make Syncros X25 tubeless.


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Hi guys. 

I recently bought a Scott Spark 970 with a pair of Syncros X25 rims. The rims and wheels are tubeless ready, and I want to do it myself.


I've had a look to try see on google but cant find any specs on those wheels, even on the syncros website (sign of a cheaper wheel set??).


What rim tape width should I buy for that specific wheel?




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Just measure the Inside width and go to builders and get the closest gorilla tape. You are going to use more than one layer and it primarily the spoke holes that you need to cover. Done and dusted.


I have in the past even used insulation tape, you just have to use more of it.

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Wynand I have just finished doing a X25S rim of a SPARK 940  :thumbup:  




I used standard 1 inch x 30 foot (25mmx9,14m) Gorilla Tape.  Perfect for two layers of tape on two tires.




When I removed the tire from the rim I saw that the X25S already has rim tape :




I used a single layer of Gorilla tape, with the overlap at the valve :





PS - hold down the tape in the rim with your thumb and pull it tight as you lay it down, letting it form nicely to the curvature of the rim.

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Wynand I did about 600km with the tubes in, and got used to the handling at given tire pressures ....



WOW !!  Tires feel squirmy at those same prssures now that I ride tubeless !!


I have already upped the pressure by 0,5bar .... getting the back to a similar feeling ....

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