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500km in one day, I hope he makes the decision early to get a lift

He had a serious tuff ride from CT to PE with very strong headwinds all the time and rain. He is a go getter, but I agree, distance left is scary far.
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Gaan hy op die N2 bly, of binneland to skiet met die N3 by Durban?


As hy op die N2 bly is hy meer as welkom om by my in Richardsbaai te oornag.

Hello Ed-Zulu

I was planning to go as far as DURBAN and then over to JHB.

But DUE to my riding so Slowly I cut across at KOKSTAD for HOWICK.


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Ok hier is die nuutste oor sy roete

HELLO Everyone

I am Shooting for HOWICK, Hoping to get there by Saturday early morning. Then M3 Up

Depending on WHAT TIME I reach HOWICK,

Then I can see how far I can go ON MY OWN

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If he means N3 to Jhb then thats a bad move...

The roads are going to be busy, also there's loads of road works happening which means down the 1 lane with no shoulder on some long stretches. I drove up this morning...

Maybe he can catch a lift with someone driving from Durban for the 947.

I purposefully select Busy roads to raise Awareness. By Being Visible.


Where there is Road works or such, I travel behind the Barriers on the Unsurfaced road.

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WHO can Help with Fitting NEW Wheel BEARINGS on my Road Bicycle This afternoon around Johannesburg?


I am on my way Through.

Morning David, how are you feeling? How far do you still need to go according to your plans, distance wise?

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