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Don't mock pedal assist bikes ..!!!


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A really inspirational video , get off your butt and ride , there are no excuses  :clap:


Check out the guy who made this vid , Ryan Van Duzer , he has a YouTube channel and has some amazing cycling adventures.

My favorite is his trip of approx 3500 miles across America , 29 episodes , just makes you want get out and ride !!! 

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they are awesome. 

and what a great idea for hand pedal bikes!


i went for a long ride with my mother the other day on her battery assisted bike.

previously 1 hour was enough for her, now she rides 2 hours plus and is able to chat and interact with all of us in a group riding at 30km/h.

on top of that hills are no longer an all out slog for her.

at the end she is not exhausted and i've been able to catch up with her while doing what i love at a speed that still constitutes training for me and for her.

its a win win for us

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