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  1. It’s the SPD’s that caught my eye really. Wonder what the price point would be compared to the Assioma route. I believe they the pedal to get when it comes to pedal based meters
  2. Sigh...more things I don’t need but really want. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2021/03/garmin-rally-power-meter-review-spd-spd-sl-look-keo.html
  3. Cois, a fighter like you deserves a kickr. Both my parents fought this horrible disease so in very small way I know the challenges you are going through. I’ll get the ball rolling and I’ll put R2500 into the “Get Cois a kickr” pot!
  4. Do you know my cousin? He also works on an oil rig....been promising me a bicycle for years...
  5. Anybody heard anything about an attack on a rider there yesterday? Heard a rider was attacked with rocks after getting off to remove branches on the trail, around the Supertube area? Don’t see anything on IG about it and I’m not on Facebook to check. I ride there most weekends and ride alone so interested if any truth to this.
  6. Heard so many stories of people receiving second hand goods from them.
  7. 10 hours on the trainer?? Did you get lost? ????
  8. https://www.onedayonly.co.za/products/men-s-corsa-2-0-bib-shorts-20210226
  9. I went from the 530 to the Roam. Importing the trails was much the same between both devices. I found a notable difference when navigating though, the 530 would loose gps all the time and take ages to reroute when it did eventually find a signal again. The Roam is much better at holding a signal I found.
  10. I vomited a bit in my mouth watching that
  11. Cowhouse is also an option for a beginner, nothing technical and very flat
  12. Brilliant points! Some people expect to be able to drop into a bike shop workshop last minute and expect instant service because it’s “just a bicycle workshop” but get pissy when the bike shop doesn’t treat them like “elite, high priced bike owners” I’m one who always books stuff in, the shops around me don’t accept it any other way. So I guess some shops are shooting themselves in the foot by trying to be accommodating. So I am learning this not a single sided issue.
  13. Yes yes, another bike shop fred... There has been a lot posted recently regarding good/bad service received from bike shops as well as the cost of services compared to other industries etc. This got me thinking, We all know the cost of bikes and parts in our “humble” sport have gone crazy the last few years. Has this increases in costs filtered down to increased profits for store owners and increased salaries for bike technicians/ staff etc? I would be interested to know: - What would a bike technician earn these days? - What profits do bike shops make off new bikes? I’ve heard 30-40%? Anyone know? I’m not looking to expose anything here and absolutely have no issue with people making a profit and earning a living. My wondering is this, is there a general lack of quality service in our industry because people are being under-payed/ under-valued? Do we have a general lack of interest in quality service from shops because people are underpaid or is it a case of there being so many riding these days that if one stops supporting a shop it’s not an issue because there will always be someone else waiting behind him/her with money to spend? If you buy a 100k bike and it is serviced by someone who earns let’s say 10k a month, we will get “10k a month” quality, if the they earn 20k we would expect “20k a month” quality right? As I mentioned in another thread recently, it baffles my mind that so many people receive subpar service yet bike shops seem to continue to thrive?
  14. Lol ???? I’ve been thinking the same thing
  15. I have also been battling with this lately, watched the below and going to try moving the cleats back as mentioned by others.
  16. Never tried contacts, too much of a chicken to get my finger anywhere close to the eye. I tried the Evil Eyes but found they messed with my depth perception, I ride with Oakley prescription glasses now and wouldn’t change. They not cheap though, luckily my medical aid has covered both my pairs. I wasn’t aware the clear lenses would be the cut out type until I went to collect, personally I think they look crap like that but hey, I only use them on overcast days.
  17. So what you guys are telling me is all I need to land myself an Emily or Pauline is to get my own WC XCO team....are those Makrodales still on sale?? That’s about as far as my race budget can stretch...
  18. I guess if he could match the budget of the big teams for her salary it would make the most sense. Unless she does it for love
  19. Definitely need to get involved this year....lockdown saw me taking up an additional 15kgs on this plant!
  20. Pauline to Trek and Emily to Canyon? ????
  21. I see all the Scott and Look bikes are gone from the site now...just Twitter brand on there now ????
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