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  1. if i ever find a unsolicited sticker on my bike... BMW once did that after a service. i offered to put some of my own stickers on their cars free of charge 😜 seemed so solve the argument fairly quickly. never had a repeat issue.
  2. But what bike does he ride? Fixie with custom bamboo bars
  3. Hey! It's Friday! This thread made i! This community makes me so proud
  4. Have dealt with @ACE Cycles many times. Manny is a honest seller and buyer. That will be all
  5. NAD+?? Do you know if this can be stacked with the coffee drug and the protein drug? - asking for a friend
  6. https://ciovita.co.za/collections/mens-baselayers Ciovita does Merino - i have not tried it personally so don't hold me to it!
  7. Right here. I'm going to try this
  8. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bike-wheels/488574/bontrager-aeolus-xxx-4-disc-wheelset or for the same price buy them new with a full warranty. do people really not do their homework before advertising?
  9. Give Orange Seal a try, the original is great for road use
  10. for those who want the stuff ISN rides with: OrangeSeal
  11. so how many people would look at alternatives if they had a 2 year warranty period? from what i can see both Wahoo and Garmin only offer a 1 year warranty if lets say Wahoo decided to give a 2 year warranty, would you move away from Garmin? the only downside i can see is its not recognised by Discovery?
  12. My polar RS800CX from 2009 is still alive...
  13. So wahoo is compatible with the radar unit. But it appears not accepted by discovery
  14. My Garmin 520 packed up at just over 2 years old a few years back. At the time i replaced it with the newer 530 which is a great piece of kit. i love it. Low and behold at 1 year and 11 months old the 530 also packed up. not a ding, mark or scratch on it. just a solid blank screen that appeared mid ride. Which has left me scratching my head regarding my next move. Garmin's warranty period is 1 year - i did take it in and got quoted roughly half price to get a new replacement unit. R2418. not bad, and all around good PR from Garmin. i have accepted this quote as i need a GPS. but it still leaves me wondering. at R5k initial purchase price + the replacement cost i am now at R7418 in less than two years. expensive stuff. It bugs me that such expensive tech can only have a single year of warranty. especially as they appear not to last any significant time past this period. i have been very tempted to upgrade to a 830, but now i am uncertain its a good idea. if it goes pop in the same manner as my previous garmins have and i get the same deal each year, i'd be shelling out R4k every 1-2 years just to stay in the garmin ecosystem. I am fairly heavily invested in the garmin ecosystem with a radar on the back and varia light up front - i am not sure if any other competitor head units are compatible with the radar unit? - it is certainly something i am going to investigate. the next issue that is not as important is if Discovery accepts workouts in the same manner as they do with garmin. the radar is a proper game changer when it comes to on the bike safety. Thoughts on other units worth looking at? and their respective longevity/warranties?
  15. Anyone know what his background or profession is?
  16. Um. Not in South Africa. I had this fight with spez and lost. In RSA they have a sliding discount on a replacement wheel. Which is still mad expensive. There is very little covered except if it's an obvious manufacturer defect. Crash or other damage you are pretty much on your own. Check the local site for RSA terms. I will never own a spez or roval product again in RSA due to this.
  17. had an issue with my order and so far radio silence from them for over a week. not a good sign at all. i will keep trying. worse the webpage now no longer up
  18. i ordered a DT Swiss XDR driver from the states. took 3 months to arrive. the shipper classified the first one as lost and and sent another which took 4 months. i informed the shipper when the second one arrived and they said not to worry about it. i now have 2 DT Swiss XDR drivers - cool, but not sure what to do with it now
  19. hold up. i know bicycles imported as a whole are subject to customs tax. but what happens if the bike is imported in parts - in a single shipment. In theory it is classified as bicycle parts and not a full bicycle. bicycle parts attract no customs duties. so if canyon ship it in pieces they in theory could save the end user in RSA 15%
  20. i hope so. Erik has worked hard with Canyon. i hope he is able to keep local sales going
  21. that makes no sense. why shut down a market when there is little to no cost in keeping it open?
  22. Kiesenhofer, a recognized time trialist but without a WorldTour team or any teammates in the race, came into the event as an absolute outsider for a medal but a perfect storm of questionable tactics from the major nations – especially the Netherlands - and incredible legs from the 30-year-old were enough to seal the gold medal in dramatic style. What a ride. I really am a fan of no radios in racing
  23. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dropper-seat-posts/488131/sram-axs-dropper-seatpost A used dropper for R2k more than buying new from Amazon.
  24. my shins can feel this add https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/pedals/432212/1x-wellgo-lu-961-pedal
  25. this makes more sense for gravel https://coefficientcycling.com/products/rr-road-race-handlebar?variant=38154130292907
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