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RockShox Recon - Token removal

Jako De Wet

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Hub Knowledge Question


I have a RockShox Recon RL 130mm that came with my Stumpy.


I didn't really notice the fork lacking anything (note that this is my first full suss, so not used to better) until I rode another stumpy with a 150mm Revelation Charger. The "rattle" coming down Helderberg was significantly less.


I have heard about removing a token or two from the fork to make it more plush? Is this something I should consider? Any downsides to removing it?


I weigh 84kg on a XL Stumpy and on most days have about 20mm of travel left in the front. Current air pressure settings should also probably taking into account, NO IDEA what it currently is though. According to the site its anything between 100-120 psi for my weight

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Firstly, get a shock pump bru, You can't set up a MTB properly without tools and the shock pump is the most important tool.


The 20mm remaining after coming down Helderberg suggests the air pressure is too high.I would think you should be using nearly all the travel in the fork but I don't know how fast you're going , how much you're breaking, taking any jumps etc etc


Since you in Strand why not link up with William's Bike Shop and get some advice on set up from William. He rides Helderberg everyday

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I'm not sure the Recon RL has tokens to remove?



It uses a SoloAir air spring so it can accept tokens but you may be right in that it might not ship with any fitted ex factory 

Not sure if Specialized has any fitted as part of the tune requirements they place on RockShox for the OEM fork. A Specialized mechanic would/should know

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The Recon forks do not have the token feature. They also have 32mm legs and so will not be as robust as the 35mm Revelation. As Diesel said, make sure the air pressure is correct and go from there

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Thanks for the advice, think I will make a turn at Williams Bikeshop over the weekend.

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