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  1. Think SARS has 21 days on their side, and from my previous audits, they've always pushed it to the 21 days before refunding.
  2. This thread has generated a lot of excitement on my end. Well done Slowbee, sounds like an incredible couple of months. We're also ready and rearing to go, but Australia is a bit slow in their process.
  3. Agreed! I've only been a couple of times, but the Kingdom blew me away, I can't wait to get back soon!
  4. Damn dude, amazing work, very impressive! Although this nearly made me barf...
  5. bertusras

    Formula 1...

    I'm not. I mean it was a pretty perverted bowl of noodles, but I mean c'mon.
  6. bertusras

    Formula 1...

    Yeah it's very strange. Two nights ago I posted a picture of my ramen bowl with the caption "Send noods" and nearly got banned off Instagram/Facebook for "soliciting sexual content".
  7. When last dit Ineos/Sky not win a stage in the Tour?
  8. He's an architect, after all 🤷‍♂️
  9. Strange. I filed on Tuesday, money in the bank this morning.
  10. 1. Yes. Even a verbal agreement constitutes a legal contract. We bother signing things avoid litigious disagreement down the line. 2. Yes. In that case suing for specific performance would be possible. If it's the other way around (bike has been sold to someone else), there is an impossibility of performance because the bike is no longer in existance. 3. Because by placing your order you agree (perhaps tacitly if you don't actually bother to read them) to Takealot's terms and conditions which gives them the right to cancel your order for a variety of reasons. (not a legal expert, this is from my recollection of a semester or two of construction contract law, so it might all be incorrect)
  11. Nico's issue stems from the fact that when he did find something in his budget, het got shafted by a seller who 'got a better offer'. It's happened to me before as well, and as annoying as it is, what can you do? Taking them to the small claims court might be an option, but it's not like you can sue for specific performance if the bike has already been sold on. So you're suing for damages, but you need to then prove damages, which doesn't seem like it's worth the hassle. Heck, I was once on my way to pick up a bike (arranged, agreed price, everything) in Joburg when I got a call from the seller saying that there's someone else at his premises willing to pay 20% more, am I willing to match it. I was stunned! I said thanks but no thanks and turned around and went back home. Ridiculous. The rating system is also a contentious issue in my opinion. I'm a firm believer that it should only be used when an actual transaction has taken place to prevent frivolous ratings from being issued nilly-willy, but that makes rating these dodgy non-transactions impossible as well.
  12. Really enjoying this so far, thank you!
  13. That is actually a very good suggestion to be honest.
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