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  1. Your pics aren't working again 😢
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    Like Roddie said, Maverick was released from his contract. Contracts generally run 1 January to 31 December, which is why riders jumping ship aren't allowed to test bikes until the next year, which is not the case here. Aprilia also has a lot more concessions than the other manufacturers (including more testing days), so he can spend more time on the bike than anyone else. Plus, Aprilia needed someone to fill in for an injured Savadori, so it all worked out. Zarco leaving KTM was different I think, he was never actually released from his contract mid-season, just that he didn't have to ride for them any longer.
  3. Wait what?? I used to use Complete (which left the market?) and then switched to Renu. What does your optometrist say?
  4. https://www.cedars-sinai.org/blog/iv-vitamin-therapy.html It's the dumbest thing, honestly. Your body can only absorb x-amount of whatever vitamin/mineral per day in any event, the excess is excreted. That's why your pee turns orange if you drink too much Vitamin C. A balanced, healthy diet gives you all the vitamins and minerals you require. Anything else goes down the toilet.
  5. If your car is still under warranty you should not go for a DIY option as to my best knowledge, it will void it immediately.
  6. Have a look at this to see if there isn't something obvious that you're missing: https://forum.arduino.cc/t/nema-17-and-a4988-driver-motor-steps-back-for-no-reason/426621/9
  7. In fairness a HR strap isn't a "fitness device", it's always been like that. Only certain watches and head unit bundles are applicable to the Device Booster.
  8. Express toll-booths... 100% agreed. And you can get most of what you require second hand. The Thule website is extremely helpful in determining what length bar you need for your vehicle as well. I started off with a Honda Jazz with roof racks, then sold them on to a guy with a Polo with the correct foot packs. Got lucky with the Volvo as I knew someone who was selling theirs and picked it up for a song, but the bike carries got carried forward.
  9. I've done a 4000km Pretoria - Cape Town - Plett - Pretoria trip. Multiple trips to Drakensberge (through big storms as well). Up north/east to and through Sabie, and I haven't had a single issue. Edit: Having said that, fuel economy really is an issue. There were stretches on the CT trip where the headwind was so bad it was just better to do 100 than to sit at 120 fighting the wind. Conversely, when you've got a tailwind it's brilliant.
  10. In fairness, have you seen what a new Merc C180 costs? 🤯
  11. I ask the same question when I roll past guys on brand new Dogmas.
  12. I'm a roof rack user and love them, other than how it wrecks fuel economy. My car is relatively low as well, so loading is not an issue either. The biggest benefit for me personally is that I can use the roof racks for other purposes as well, like my weekly trips to the hardware store to buy big things I probably don't need.
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    Formula 1...

    Look, I didn't bother to stay tuned it for the not-race, but safety should always take priority. Risking a fatality for the sake of entertainment is not on. The problem with racers is that they will not go slower, they will go to, and over the limit, that's their job. The other issue is visibility - the wet tyres kick up so much spray that there is just no hope in hell. Remember Mugello's start-line pileup last year? Imagine that in the wet where you don't even see it coming. It sucks that there wasn't any racing, but racing for the sake of racing is also silly in conditions like those. Spa also needs to seriously look at what they're going to do with Eau Rouge. They need to try and push the barrier back and get a sand trap in there in my opinion, but who am I.
  14. Has anyone else suddenly started receiving email notifications out of the blue?
  15. Can't the same be said for power tools then? And CNC's? Everything has its place in my opinion.
  16. Ja look, I agree that based on the other items on that page, it should have been R1500. However, the price was quoted, clearly, as R1795. I'm struggling with this part though. Do you think that you were entitled to a further 25% discount, because the bib was marked down from R2999.00 to start with? It says spend R2999+ and get a further 25% off. You spent R1795, not R2999+. And in any event, R2999 is not R2999+, it's R2999.
  17. For some reason I can't see the pictures
  18. https://roadmounter.com/roof-top-tents/honda-crv-roof-top-tent-guide/ I was going to ask whether the 100kg limit is per bar or per set, but then found this: As for the techy saying you weigh less lying down than standing up, technically he is wrong, but fundamentally he is right. If you're laying down you're spreading your weight over a greater area, so the actual load on each point would be less than you standing up on a single bar for example.
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    It was confirmed before you even posted this
  20. Stepper motors aren't that keen to run all the time, I'd rather just get a highly geared DC motor instead.
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    Who said 42 is old...
  22. You're a much bigger 'kit-slut' than I am, but I love your enthusiasm in procuring new tools!
  23. Off topic, but surely they're not increasing yield by only 70m3??? Edit: Quick Google shows 70 MILLION cubic metre increase. That makes a lot more sense.
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