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Rookie Build.. Need HELP


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Hi all


I have been given a Felt Edict Nine 50 frame.


I’m new to riding and all the technical terms so please forgive my lack of knowledge.


I believe the original shock size is 190x40. Can someone please explain what that means and what other shock sizes may fit that bike?


I’m wanting to build the bike slowly as money is tight and want a second hand (good condition) shock and parts for the bike.


But not really sure where to start.


Please help.



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190 would be the distance in mm from the centre of the one eye of the shock to the centre of the other eye so basically the length of the extended shock.


40 would be the travel of the shock in mm - distance from relaxed state to fully compressed. Remember it is shock travel and not the amount the axle would travel.

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I would suggest that you build the bike as and where the "good deals" pop up and as you have the cash to do so. My suggestion would be to make a list of everything needed to get the bike down the road and pace yourself based off the amount of money you have available  :thumbup:


A very good tip as well is: If someone is selling an item it's good to ask them if they have something else lying around that you can also take off their hands. This works a treat because you then only pay for shipping once and it's sometimes a better product that's currently available elsewhere  :D


So to make a quick list of what's needed: 

  • Frame - check
  • Seat post
  • Saddle
  • Handle bar
  • Stem
  • Grips
  • Brakes with rotors
  • BB - sometimes included with the frame
  • Shock (rear) - normally included with the frame
  • Fork (front)
  • Headset bearings - sometimes included with the frame
  • Crank
  • Derailleur (front and rear depending on the ratio - 1x, 2x or even 3x)
  • Chain
  • Shifters / Shifter if you go 1x
  • Hanger - sometimes included with the frame
  • Wheels - rims and tires and cassette (they don't always come together)

I think I've got everything  ;) - if you need any assistance please feel free to shout.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks guys. I'm needing to replace the lower section of the rear "swing arm". Does anyone know where to possibly get this spare?


New or second hand?

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Thanks for the info Chris.


I emailed them this evening and they have already responded and sent off correspondence to Felt international and informed me of a local dealer to assist.


Look forward to getting started with it all.

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