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Straight headtube to Taperd


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Hi all

Going to try my best to explain


I have a ibis sl

Its a carbon frame and only takes a straight steerrer fork.


Now ive seen on other bike you get a craincreek headset to press in so it can take a taperd.


My question is


My ibis is carbon and the crown bearing sits directly in the frame

Do you get a cup to fit in to take to taperd

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I had a similar problem recently. Ended up going with a fork from Aliexpress which looks pretty good in the reviews and pictures. You can come in at around R2000 couriered including all charges. The fork weighs around 1.7 kgs and looks pretty good. If you are interested I can provide details. I haven't received the fork yet, so can't comment on riding the actual thing.

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If the head tube is 44mm internal, then you can install an external headset cup from cane creek that allows you to run a tapered steerer fork.


I did this on a few of my previous frames.


Just not sure how the external cup will influence your carbon head tube. Also note that you will lift your front end up by 10mm with the external cup, slackening your head angle, changing your seat angle and raising your bottom bracket

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also maybe a good idea to give the okes at either Williams bike shop or Revolution Cycles a call. They are the local agents and will be able to give you the best advice

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Just heard back from these folks, I copied and pasted the OP's post into their chat and this is what they say: 


"It is only doable on a semi-integrated ZS44 frame, by the sound of it you have a fully integrated frame IS41/2 and with this it is not possible"


Good question  :D. In my head, I would say it may be possible yes, maybe make contact with these folks or a bike shop to confirm: 


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